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Bus Annual Test Fees

Public Service Vehicle Testing Fees (Class VI & VIA)

Test Type


Out of Hours


Out of hours at DPís***

Annual tests
Prohibition clearances
(full inspections)
Retests after 14 days
**9-22 passengers £59.00 £94.00 £71.00 £106.00
**23 or more passengers £84.00 £132.00 £96.00 £144.00
Retests within 14 days
Prohibition clearances
(partial inspections)
**9-22 passengers £38.00 £55.00 £46.00 £63.00
**23 or more passengers £55.00 £78.00 £63.00 £86.00
Part Paid Retests Any Number of Seats £11.00 £11.00 £11.00 £11.00
Duplicate Certificates £10.00  

*DPs = Designated Premises
** Number of passengers = seated & standing
*** DP supplement applies only to tests conducted in premises authorised after 10th April 1995

Retest Fees
Part paid retests will only be available for the failure items marked on the Inspection Document (PG14) with L or _. Part paid retests must be carried out on either the same day as the test or the next working day.

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