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10 hp Type A Open Tourer11 L1215 cv Cabriolet

2cv2cv Special2cv62cv-AZ

5 cv Type C

7 hp

Ami 6Ami 6 BreakAmi 8Ami 8 BreakAmi SuperAX 10 EAX 10iAX 11AX 11 TZXAX 11i TZXAX 14RDAX 4X4AX GTAX GTiAX Sport

B2 NormandeBig FifteenBijouBXBX DTR TurboBX14 REBX14i Break TGEBX16 Break AthenaBX16 TRSBX17 Break TZDBX17 TGDBX19 Break TGDBX19 GTiBX19 GTi 16vBX19 GTi 4X4BX19 RDBX19 TGDBX19 TRSBX4 TC

C1 1.0iC2 1.1iC2 1.4 HDiC2 1.4i SXC2 1.6i 16vC2 VTSC3C3 1.0C3 1.1iC3 1.2C3 1.2 e-VTiC3 1.4 HDiC3 1.4 HDi 16vC3 1.4iC3 1.4i AutomaticC3 1.6 16VC3 1.6 VTiC3 1.6 VTi AutomaticC3 e-HDi 115C3 e-HDi 70 EGSC3 e-HDi 90C3 e-HDi 90 ETG6C3 HDi 110 FAPC3 HDi 70C3 HDi 90C3 HDi 90 FAPC3 Picasso HDi 110 FAPC3 Picasso HDi 90C3 Picasso VTi 120C3 Picasso VTi 95C3 Pluriel 1.4iC3 Pluriel 1.6i 16vC3 Pluriel HDi 70C3 VTi 120C3 VTi 120 AutomaticC3 VTi 95C3 VTi 95 EGSC4 1.4i 16vC4 1.6 HDi 16VC4 1.6i 16vC4 1.6i 16v AutomaticC4 2.0 HDi 16VC4 2.0i 16vC4 2.0i 16v AutomaticC4 Coupe 1.4i 16vC4 Coupe 1.6 HDi 16VC4 Coupe 1.6i 16vC4 Coupe 1.6i 16v AutomaticC4 Coupe 2.0 HDi 16VC4 Coupe 2.0i 16vC4 G RoadsterC4 Picasso 1.8i 16vC4 Picasso 2.0i 16vC4 Picasso 2.0i 16v AutomaticC4 Picasso HDiC4 Picasso HDi 110 FAPC4 Picasso HDi AutomaticC4 Saloon 1.6i 16vC4 Saloon 2.0 HDiC4 Saloon 2.0i 16vC4 Saloon 2.0i 16v AutomaticC5 1.8 16VC5 1.8 16V AutomaticC5 1.8i 16vC5 2.0 16VC5 2.0 16V AutomaticC5 2.0 HDiC5 2.0 HDi AutomaticC5 2.0 HPiC5 2.0i 16vC5 2.0i 16v AutomaticC5 2.2 HDiC5 2.2 HDi AutomaticC5 3.0 V6C5 3.0 V6 AutomaticC5 3.0i V6C5 Break 1.8 16VC5 Break 1.8i 16vC5 Break 2.0 16VC5 Break 2.0 16V AutomaticC5 Break 2.0 HDiC5 Break 2.0 HDi AutomaticC5 Break 2.0 HPiC5 Break 2.0i 16vC5 Break 2.0i 16v AutomaticC5 Break 2.2 HDiC5 Break 2.2 HDi AutomaticC5 Break 3.0 V6C5 Break 3.0 V6 AutomaticC5 Break 3.0 V6 CarlssonC5 Break 3.0i V6C5 Break HDi 110 DPSFC5 Break HDi 136 DPSFC5 Break HDi 138C5 HDi 110 DPSFC5 HDi 110 FAPC5 HDi 136 DPSFC5 HDi 138C5 HDi 138 FAPC5 HDi 138 FAP BVAC5 HDi 160C5 HDi 173 FAPC5 THP 155C5 THP 155 AutomaticC5 Tourer 1.8 16VC5 Tourer 2.0 16VC5 Tourer 2.0 16V BVAC5 Tourer 3.0i V6C5 Tourer HDi 110 FAPC5 Tourer HDi 138 FAPC5 Tourer HDi 138 FAP BVAC5 Tourer HDi 160C5 Tourer HDi 173 FAPC5 Tourer THP 155C5 Tourer THP 155 AutomaticC5 Tourer V6 HDi 208 FAP BVAC5 Tourer V6 HDi 240 FAPC5 Tourer VTi 120 EGSC5 V6 HDi 208 FAP BVAC5 V6 HDi 240 FAPC5 VTi 120 EGSC6 3.0i V6C6 G SaloonC6 HDi 173 FAPC6 HDi 173 FAP AutomaticC6 V6 HDi 208C6 V6 HDi 240C-AirdreamC-CrosserC-SportLoungeC-TriompheC-Triomphe AutomaticCX 20 BerlineCX 20 BreakCX 20 FamilialeCX 20 RECX 2000 Break ConfortCX 2000 ConfortCX 22CX 22 RS BreakCX 22 SafariCX 22 TRSCX 2200CX 2400 Pallas Injection C MaticCX 2400 SuperCX 2400 Super C-MaticCX 2400 Super SafariCX 25 DieselCX 25 Diesel BreakCX 25 Diesel TurboCX 25 Diesel Turbo BreakCX 25 GTiCX 25 GTi TurboCX 25 GTi Turbo 2CX 25 PallasCX 25 Pallas AutomaticCX 25 PrestigeCX 25 Prestige AutomaticCX 25 Prestige Turbo 2CX 25 TRi BreakCX 25 TRi Break AutomaticCX GTiCX Prestige InjectionCX Prestige Injection C-Matic

DS 19DS 19 SafariDS 21DS 21 PallasDS 21 SafariDS 23DS 23 EFIDS 23 EstateDS3 HDi 110 FAPDS3 HDi 90 FAPDS3 HDi 90 FAP 99gDS3 RacingDS3 THP 150DS3 VTi 120DS3 VTi 120 AutomaticDS3 VTi 95DS4 HDi 110 DPFDS4 HDi 110 DPF EGSDS4 HDi 160 DPFDS4 THP 155DS4 THP 200DS4 VTi 120DS5 eHDi 110 FAPDS5 eHDi 160 FAPDS5 eHDi 160 FAP AutomaticDS5 THP 155DS5 THP 200Dyane 4Dyane 6Dyane 6 Weekend


G SpecialG Special BreakGrand C4 Picasso 1.8i 16vGrand C4 Picasso 2.0i 16vGrand C4 Picasso 2.0i 16v AutomaticGrand C4 Picasso HDiGrand C4 Picasso HDi AutomaticGSGS BirotorGS Club BerlineGS Club Berline C MaticGS Club BreakGS PallasGS XGS X3GSA X1 BerlineGSpecialGSX 2

ID 19




Saxo 1.0iSaxo 1.1i XSaxo 1.4i SXSaxo 1.5D XSaxo 1.6i 16V VTSSaxo 1.6i VTSSixSMSM Automatic

Traction 15/6 H SaloonTUB 11

Visa 14 TRSVisa 17 RDVisa ClubVisa GTiVisa II Super XVisa Super E

Xantia 1.6 LXXantia 1.8 LXXantia 1.8 SXXantia 1.8i 16V SX BreakXantia 1.8i BreakXantia 1.9 Diesel LXXantia 1.9 TurboDiesel VSXXantia 2.0 HDiXantia 2.0 HDi BreakXantia 2.0 LXXantia 2.0 VSX 16vXantia 2.0i 16V SX BreakXantia 2.0i 16V SX Break AutomaticXantia 2.0i 16v SX EstateXantia 2.0i TurboXantia Activa TurboXantia Estate 2.0i TurboXantia V6.24 ActivaXantia V6.24 Break ExclusiveXantia V6.24 Break Exclusive AutomaticXantia V6.24 ExclusiveXM 2.0XM 2.0iXM 2.0i 16vXM 2.0i 16v AutomaticXM 2.0i 16v BreakXM 2.0i BreakXM 2.0i TurboXM 2.0i Turbo BreakXM 2.1 Turbo DXM 2.1 Turbo D AutomaticXM 2.1 Turbo D BreakXM 2.1 Turbo D Break AutomaticXM 2.5 Turbo DXM 2.5 Turbo D VSX BreakXM 3.0i V6XM 3.0i V6 24vXM 3.0i V6 AutomaticXM 3.0i V6 BreakXM SD Turbo BreakXM TurboXM Turbo AutomaticXM Turbo BreakXM Turbo SEDXM V6XM V6 AutomaticXM V6 SX BreakXsara 1.4i XXsara 1.6i 16vXsara 1.6i 16v AutomaticXsara 1.8i 16V SXXsara 1.8i 16V VTSXsara 1.8i SXXsara 1.8i SX AutomaticXsara 2.0i 16V VTSXsara Coupe 1.6i 16v VTSXsara Coupe 1.6i 16v VTS AutomaticXsara Coupe HDi AutomaticXsara Coupe VTS HDiXsara Estate 1.6i 16vXsara Estate 1.6i 16v AutomaticXsara Estate HDiXsara Estate HDi AutomaticXsara HDiXsara HDi AutomaticXsara Picasso 1.6iXsara Picasso 1.6i 110Xsara Picasso 1.8i 16VXsara Picasso 2.0 HDiXsara Picasso 2.0i 16v 138 AutomaticXsara Picasso HDi 110Xsara Picasso HDi 92

ZX 1.6iZX 1.8i FurioZX 1.9D AdvantageZX 1.9D TurboZX 2.0 16vZX 2.0i VolcaneZX ReflexZX VolcaneZX Volcane Automatic

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