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12 M-130012M13/50 Rheinland13/50 Rheinland Kabriolett15 M-150017M17M RS17MTS

20 MTS Coupe OSI2000 L2000 L Estate26M Limousine

Aero WillysAnglia 105EAnglia 1200Anglia E494AAnglia EstateAspire

Belina 85 4x4B-Max 1.0 EcoBoostB-Max 1.0 EcoBoost Start/StopB-Max 1.4B-Max 1.5 TDCIB-Max 1.5 Ti-VCTB-Max 1.6 TDCI

Capri 1.6 TurboCapri 116 ECapri 1300Capri 1300 GTCapri 1500Capri 1600 GTCapri 1600 LCapri 1600 LSCapri 1600 SCapri 16vCapri 2.8 InjectionCapri 2.8 TurboCapri 2.8i SpecialCapri 2000 GTCapri 2000 SCapri 2300 GTCapri 3000 GT Mk ICapri 3000 SCapri 3000ECapri 3000S X-PackCapri GTCapri GT 1700Capri GT 2000Capri GT 2600Capri RS 2600Capri RS 3100Capri SCapri S AutomaticCapri Tickford TurboC-Max 1.6 EcoBoostC-Max 2.5C-MAX EnergiC-MAX HybridCometeComete Monte CarloConsulConsul 375Consul Classic 315 109EContour SEContour SVTCorcel IICorcel II 1.4 GTCorcel II 1.4 HobbyCorcel II 1.6 GTCorcel II 1.6 HobbyCorsair 2000ECorsair V4CortinaCortina 1300Cortina 1300 De LuxeCortina 1600Cortina 1600 EstateCortina 1600 GhiaCortina 1600 Ghia EstateCortina 1600 GLCortina 1600 GL EstateCortina 1600 GTCortina 1600 LSCortina 1600 LS EstateCortina 2000 GLCortina 2000 GL EstateCortina 2000 GTCortina 2300 EstateCortina 2300 GLCortina 2500 LCortina 2500 L AutomaticCortina 2500 L Station WagonCortina 2500 L Station Wagon AutomaticCortina 3000 LDOCortina 3000 XLECortina 6Cortina 6 AutomaticCortina 6 Station WagonCortina 6 Station Wagon AutomaticCortina De Luxe EstateCortina GTCortina SuperCortina Super Estate CarCortina Super SaloonCougar 2.0i 16vCougar 2.5 V6 24vCountry Squire Station WagonCrown VictoriaCrown Victoria LXCrown Victoria NGVCustomCustom AutomaticCustom Ranch WagonCustom Ranch Wagon Automatic

De Luxe CoupeDe Luxe FordorDe Luxe Model CX 10 hpDe Luxe Sedan CoupeDe Luxe TudorDe Luxe V-8 CoupeDe Luxe V-8 FordorDe Luxe V-8 Sedan-CoupeDe Luxe V-8 Tudor

EcoSport 1.0 EcoBoostEcoSport 1.5EcoSport 1.5 AutomaticEcoSport 1.5 PowerShiftEcoSport 1.5 TDCiEdgeEdge AWDEifel Sport-RoadsterEscapeEscape 1.6 EcoBoostEscape 1.6 EcoBoost AWDEscape 2.0 EcoBoostEscape 2.0 EcoBoost AWDEscape 2.5Escape 4WDEscape 4WD AutomaticEscape AutomaticEscape V6Escape V6 4WDEscortEscort 1.1Escort 1.1 CEscort 1.1 C 5-speedEscort 1.1 C EstateEscort 1.1 EstateEscort 1.3Escort 1.3 GLEscort 1.3 GL EstateEscort 1.3 LEscort 1.3 PopularEscort 1.4 LEscort 1.4iEscort 1.4i EstateEscort 1.6 GLEscort 1.6 GL EstateEscort 1.6 LEscort 1.6 L AutomaticEscort 1.6 LXEscort 1.6i 16vEscort 1.6i 16v EstateEscort 1.8 DieselEscort 1.8i 16vEscort 1.8i 16v EstateEscort 1100Escort 1100 EstateEscort 1100 PopularEscort 1100 Popular PlusEscort 1100 SaloonEscort 1300 EstateEscort 1300 GTEscort 1300 SaloonEscort 1300 SportEscort 1600 GhiaEscort 1600 SportEscort 940 SaloonEscort DieselEscort Estate 1.3 LEscort Estate 1.3 PopularEscort Estate 1.4 LEscort Estate 1.6 GLEscort Estate 1.6 GL AutomaticEscort Estate 1.8 DieselEscort Estate DieselEscort MexicoEscort RS 1600iEscort RS CosworthEscort RS MexicoEscort RS TurboEscort RS1600Escort RS1800Escort RS2000Escort SportEscort Twin CamEscort XR3Escort XR3iEscort ZX2 SportEverest 3.0 TDCIEverest 3.0 TDCI AWDEverest 3.0 TDCI AWD AutomaticEXP CoupeEXP Coupe AutomaticEXP Turbo CoupeExplorerExplorer 4WDExplorer LimitedExplorer SportExplorer V8

Fairlane 500Fairlane 500 SkylinerFairlane G220Fairlane GhiaFairlane GT/A 390FairmontFairmont Station WagonFalconFalcon 2.3Falcon 3.0Falcon 3.6 GhiaFalcon G6Falcon G6 E-GasFalcon G6E TurboFalcon Ghia SPFalcon GTFalcon Mk II G6 EcoBoostFalcon Station WagonFalcon XR6Falcon XR6 AutomaticFalcon XR6 TurboFalcon XR6 Turbo AutomaticFalcon XR6 VCTFalcon XR8Falcon XR8 AutomaticFalcon XTFalcon XT AutomaticFalcon XT E-GasFalcon XT V8 SedanFalcon XT V8 Sedan AutomaticFalcon XT WagonFalcon XT Wagon AutomaticFalcon XT Wagon E-GasFiestaFiesta 1.0 EcoBoostFiesta 1.0 EcoBoost PowershiftFiesta 1.0 EcoBoost Start/StopFiesta 1.0 Ti-VCTFiesta 1.0 Ti-VCT Start/StopFiesta 1.25Fiesta 1.25 Zetec SE M5 AmbienteFiesta 1.3Fiesta 1.3 Endura-E BudgetFiesta 1.4Fiesta 1.4 16vFiesta 1.4 AutomaticFiesta 1.4 LPGFiesta 1.4 SaloonFiesta 1.4 TDCiFiesta 1.4i Zetec SE TrendFiesta 1.5 PowershiftFiesta 1.5 TDCiFiesta 1.6Fiesta 1.6 16vFiesta 1.6 DieselFiesta 1.6 HatchbackFiesta 1.6 Hatchback PowerShiftFiesta 1.6 PowershiftFiesta 1.6 SaloonFiesta 1.6 Saloon PowershiftFiesta 1.6 SedanFiesta 1.6 Sedan PowerShiftFiesta 1.6 SiFiesta 1.6 TDCiFiesta 1.6 TDCi ECOneticFiesta 1.6 TDCi SaloonFiesta 1.6i Zetec SportFiesta 1100 GhiaFiesta 1400 GhiaFiesta 950 OHV PopularFiesta AutomaticFiesta Classic 1.4 TDCiFiesta Classic 1.6Fiesta GhiaFiesta MagnetFiesta RS 1800Fiesta RS TurboFiesta SFiesta Saloon 1.5 PowershiftFiesta SedanFiesta Sedan AutomaticFiesta STFiesta TDCiFiesta XR2Fiesta XR2iFiesta Zetec S TDCIFigo 1.2Figo 1.4Figo 1.4 TDCiFive HundredFive Hundred AWDFive Hundred CVTFive Hundred CVT AWDFlexFlex AWDFlex EcoBoost AWDFocusFocus 1.0 EcoBoostFocus 1.4 16vFocus 1.4 Zetec-SEFocus 1.4 Zetec-SE EstateFocus 1.4iFocus 1.4i SaloonFocus 1.4i WagonFocus 1.6 16vFocus 1.6 16v AutomaticFocus 1.6 EcoBoostFocus 1.6 TDCiFocus 1.6 TDCi SaloonFocus 1.6 TDCi WagonFocus 1.6 TiVCTFocus 1.6 Zetec-SEFocus 1.6 Zetec-SE EstateFocus 1.6iFocus 1.6i AutomaticFocus 1.6i SaloonFocus 1.6i Saloon AutomaticFocus 1.6i WagonFocus 1.6i Wagon AutomaticFocus 1.8 DieselFocus 1.8 Diesel EstateFocus 1.8 TDCiFocus 1.8 TDCi SaloonFocus 1.8 TDCi WagonFocus 1.8 Zetec-EFocus 1.8 Zetec-E EstateFocus 1.8iFocus 1.8i SaloonFocus 1.8i WagonFocus 2.0Focus 2.0 16vFocus 2.0 AutomaticFocus 2.0 CoupeFocus 2.0 Coupe AutomaticFocus 2.0 Coupe PZEVFocus 2.0 Coupe PZEV AutomaticFocus 2.0 Coupe SESFocus 2.0 Coupe SES PZEVFocus 2.0 PowershiftFocus 2.0 PZEVFocus 2.0 PZEV AutomaticFocus 2.0 SESFocus 2.0 SES PZEVFocus 2.0 TDCiFocus 2.0 TDCi PowershiftFocus 2.0 TDCi SaloonFocus 2.0 TDCi Saloon PowershiftFocus 2.0 TDCi WagonFocus 2.0 TDCi Wagon PowershiftFocus 2.0 Zetec-EFocus 2.0 Zetec-E EstateFocus 2.0 ZX3Focus 2.0 ZX3 AutomaticFocus 2.0 ZX4Focus 2.0 ZX4 AutomaticFocus 2.0 ZX4 STFocus 2.0 ZX5Focus 2.0 ZX5 AutomaticFocus 2.0 ZXWFocus 2.0 ZXW AutomaticFocus 2.0iFocus 2.0i AutomaticFocus 2.0i SaloonFocus 2.0i Saloon AutomaticFocus 2.0i WagonFocus 2.0i Wagon AutomaticFocus AutomaticFocus Coupe-Cabriolet 1.6Focus Coupe-Cabriolet 2.0Focus Coupe-Cabriolet 2.0 TDCiFocus Estate 1.4 16vFocus Estate 1.6 16vFocus Estate 1.6 TDCIFocus Estate 2.0 16vFocus Estate 2.0 TDCIFocus RSFocus RS500Focus Saloon 1.0 EcoBoostFocus Saloon 1.4iFocus Saloon 1.6 16vFocus Saloon 1.6 EcoBoostFocus Saloon 1.6 TDCiFocus Saloon 1.6 TiVCTFocus Saloon 2.0 TDCiFocus Saloon 2.0 TDCi PowershiftFocus Sedan 2.0Focus Sedan 2.0 PowershiftFocus Sedan 2.0 PZEVFocus Sedan 2.0 PZEV AutomaticFocus STFocus ST170Focus SVTFocus Wagon 1.0 EcoBoostFocus Wagon 1.6 EcoBoostFocus Wagon 1.6 TDCiFocus Wagon 1.6 TiVCTFocus Wagon 2.0 PZEVFocus Wagon 2.0 PZEV AutomaticFocus Wagon 2.0 TDCiFocus Wagon 2.0 TDCi PowershiftFocus Wagon STFreestarFreestyleFreestyle AWDFusionFusion 1.6 EcoBoostFusion 2.0 EcoBoostFusion 2.0 EcoBoost AWDFusion 2.5Fusion AutomaticFusion EnergiFusion HybridFusion SportFusion Sport AWDFusion V6Fusion V6 AWD

GalaxieGalaxie 500Galaxie 500 427Galaxie 500 428Galaxie 500 428 AutomaticGalaxie 500 HardtopGalaxie 500 Hardtop AutomaticGalaxie 500 SaloonGalaxie 500 SedanGalaxie 500 Sedan AutomaticGalaxie 500 XL ConvertibleGalaxy V6 GhiaGran Torino HardtopGran Torino SedanGran Torino SportGran Torino SquireGran Torino Station WagonGranada 2.0 V6 LGranada 2.0iGranada 2.3 L DieselGranada 2.4i GhiaGranada 2.5Granada 2.5 GL Turbo Diesel SaloonGranada 2.8iGranada 2.9i GhiaGranada 2000LGranada 2000L EstateGranada 2100 DieselGranada 2300LGranada 2300L EstateGranada 2600Granada 2800 Ghia SGranada 2800 GLS EstateGranada 2800i GhiaGranada 2800i GLS EstateGranada 3.0Granada 3000 GL EstateGranada Estate 2.0iGranada Estate 2.9iGranada LimousineGranada Saloon AutomaticGranada Scorpio 4X4Granada Scorpio CosworthGranada TurnierGTGT40GT40 ConceptGT40 Mk IIIGT70GT90

Ikon 1.3Ikon 1.3 RocamIkon 1.4 TDCiIkon 1.6Ikon 1.6iIkon 1.8 ZXiIndigoInterceptor

KaKa 2Ka TDCiKuga 1.6 EcoBoostKuga 1.6 EcoBoost 4WDKuga 2.0 TDCiKuga 2.0 TDCi 4WDKuga 2.0 TDCi 4WD PowershiftKuga 2.0 TDCI FWDKuga 2.0 TDCi PowershiftKuga 2.5

Laser 1500 SportLotus-CortinaLTDLTD AutomaticLTD ConvertibleLTD Convertible AutomaticLTD Country SquireLTD Country Squire AutomaticLTD HardtopLTD Hardtop AutomaticLTD II Pillared HardtopLTD II S HardtopLTD Landau HardtopLTD SedanLTD Squire Station WagonLTD Station WagonLTD V8LTD VCT

MaverickMaverick AutomaticMaverick Coupe GTMaverick GrabberMaverick Sedan SuperModel AModel A Fordor SedanModel A PhaetonModel A RoadsterModel A Sport CoupeModel A Tudor SedanModel FModel KModel N 15 hpModel S RoadsterModel TModel T RunaboutModel Y 8 hpMondeo 1.6Mondeo 1.6 EcoBoostMondeo 1.6 LXMondeo 1.6 LX EstateMondeo 1.6iMondeo 1.8Mondeo 1.8 4x4Mondeo 1.8 EstateMondeo 1.8 LXMondeo 1.8 LX AutomaticMondeo 1.8 SCiMondeo 1.8 TDMondeo 1.8 TDCiMondeo 1.8iMondeo 2.0Mondeo 2.0 EcoBoostMondeo 2.0 TDCIMondeo 2.0 TDCi AutomaticMondeo 2.0 TDCI PowerShiftMondeo 2.0 TurbodieselMondeo 2.0 Turbodiesel EstateMondeo 2.0iMondeo 2.0i 4x4Mondeo 2.0i AutomaticMondeo 2.2 ST TDCiMondeo 2.2 TDCiMondeo 2.3Mondeo 2.5 24vMondeo 2.5 AutomaticMondeo 2.5 TurboMondeo 2.5 V6Mondeo 24vMondeo Estate 1.6Mondeo Estate 1.6 EcoBoostMondeo Estate 1.8 4x4Mondeo Estate 1.8 LXMondeo Estate 1.8 LX AutomaticMondeo Estate 1.8 SCiMondeo Estate 1.8 TDMondeo Estate 1.8 TDCiMondeo Estate 1.8iMondeo Estate 2.0Mondeo Estate 2.0 EcoBoostMondeo Estate 2.0 TDCIMondeo Estate 2.0 TDCi AutomaticMondeo Estate 2.0 TDCI PowerShiftMondeo Estate 2.0iMondeo Estate 2.0i 4x4Mondeo Estate 2.0i AutomaticMondeo Estate 2.2 ST TDCiMondeo Estate 2.2 TDCIMondeo Estate 2.3Mondeo Estate 2.5 24vMondeo Estate 2.5 AutomaticMondeo Estate 2.5 TurboMondeo Estate 2.5 V6Mondeo Ghia X SedanMondeo Ghia X WagonMondeo Saloon 1.6Mondeo Saloon 1.8 TDCiMondeo Saloon 2.0Mondeo Saloon 2.0 EcoBoostMondeo Saloon 2.0 TDCIMondeo Saloon 2.0 TDCi AutomaticMondeo Saloon 2.0 TDCI PowerShiftMondeo Saloon 2.2 TDCIMondeo Saloon 2.3Mondeo Saloon 2.5 TurboMondeo Sedan 2.0Mondeo ST 200Mondeo ST 220Mondeo ST 220 EstateMondeo ST24Mondeo Wagon 2.0MustangMustang 2.3 EcoBoostMustang 2.3 EcoBoost AutomaticMustang 2.3 EcoBoost ConvertibleMustang 2.3 EcoBoost Convertible AutomaticMustang 390Mustang 428 Cobra JetMustang AutomaticMustang Automobile QuarterlyMustang Boss 302Mustang Boss 351Mustang Boss 429Mustang BullittMustang CobraMustang Cobra ConvertibleMustang Cobra RMustang Cobra SVTMustang Cobra SVT ConvertibleMustang ConvertibleMustang Convertible 302Mustang Convertible 302 AutomaticMustang Convertible 351Mustang Convertible 351 AutomaticMustang Convertible AutomaticMustang FastbackMustang Fastback 289Mustang Fastback AutomaticMustang FR500Mustang Ghia TurboMustang Giugiaro ConceptMustang GrandeMustang Grande AutomaticMustang GTMustang GT 350 ShelbyMustang GT 500KRMustang GT AutomaticMustang GT ConceptMustang GT Concept ConvertibleMustang GT ConvertibleMustang GT Convertible AutomaticMustang HardtopMustang Hardtop 289Mustang Hardtop 302Mustang Hardtop 302 AutomaticMustang Hardtop 351Mustang Hardtop 351 AutomaticMustang Hardtop AutomaticMustang II AutomaticMustang II CobraMustang II GhiaMustang II King CobraMustang II V6Mustang II V6 AutomaticMustang LXMustang M81 McLarenMustang Mach 1Mustang Mach 1 302Mustang Mach 1 351Mustang Mach 1 351 AutomaticMustang Mach 1 428 Cobra JetMustang Mach 1 428 Cobra Jet AutomaticMustang Mach 1 428 Cobra Jet Ram AirMustang Mach 1 428 Cobra Jet Ram Air AutomaticMustang Mach 1 429 Cobra JetMustang Mach 1 429 Super Cobra JetMustang Mach 1 429 Super Cobra Jet AutomaticMustang Mach 1 AutomaticMustang Shelby GT-H Hertz EditionMustang SportsroofMustang Sportsroof AutomaticMustang SVOMustang V6Mustang V6 AutomaticMustang V6 ConvertibleMustang V6 Convertible AutomaticMustang V6 Coupe

O21COrion 1.3Orion 1.3 GLOrion 1.4 LOrion 1.6Orion 1.6 InjectionOrion 1.6 LOrion 1.6 L AutomaticOrion 1.8 DieselOrion DieselOrion Ghia 1.6i

PilotPintoPinto SedanPinto Station WagonPopular 100EPrefectPrefect 105EProbeProbe GTProbe LXProbe SEPuma


Racing PumaRanch WagonRanchero GTRS200

Scorpio 2.0i 16vScorpio 2.3Scorpio 24v UltimaShelby Cobra ConceptShelby Cobra GT500Shelby GR-1 ConceptShelby GT500Shelby GT500 ConvertibleShelby GT500KRSierra 1.3Sierra 1.6 EstateSierra 1.6 GhiaSierra 1.6 GLSierra 1.8Sierra 1.8 EstateSierra 1.8 Turbodiesel Station WagonSierra 2.0Sierra 2.0 GhiaSierra 2.0 V6Sierra 2.0 V6 AutomaticSierra 2.0iSierra 2.0i Twin Cam Station WagonSierra 2.0i Twin Cam Station Wagon GhiaSierra 2.0iSSierra 2.3 GL AutomaticSierra 2300 GLSierra 2300 GL DieselSierra 2300 GL Diesel EstateSierra 3.0 GLXSierra 3.0 GLX AutomaticSierra 3.0i RSSierra Cosworth RS500Sierra Ghia 4X4 EstateSierra RS CosworthSierra Sapphire 1.6Sierra Sapphire 1.8 Turbodiesel GLSierra Sapphire 2.0Sierra Sapphire 2.0i Twin Cam 4X4Sierra Sapphire 2.0i Twin Cam XRSierra Sapphire 2000ESierra Sapphire 3.0i Ghia AutomaticSierra Sapphire RS CosworthSierra Sapphire RS Cosworth 4X4Sierra Station Wagon 2.0 V6Sierra Station Wagon 2.0 V6 AutomaticSierra XR 4X4Sierra XR4Sierra XR4iSierra XR4X4Sierra XR-6Sierra XR-8S-MAX 1.8 TDCiS-MAX 2.0S-MAX 2.0 Eco-Boost STCiS-MAX 2.0 TDCiS-MAX 2.5Special CoupeSpecial FordorSpecial TudorSportKaStreetKaSuper De Luxe Convertible Club CoupeSuper De Luxe CoupeSuper De Luxe FordorSuper De Luxe Sedan CoupeSuper De Luxe Station WagonSuper De Luxe TudorSuper De Luxe V-8 Convertible Club CoupeSuper De Luxe V-8 CoupeSuper De Luxe V-8 FordorSuper De Luxe V-8 Sedan-CoupeSuper De Luxe V-8 Station WagonSuper De Luxe V-8 TudorSVT Mustang Cobra ConvertibleSVT Mustang Cobra Coupe

TaunusTaunus 1.3Taunus 1.6Taunus 1.6 AutomaticTaunus 10MTaunus 12 MTaunus 12 M KombiTaunus 17MTaunus 17M 1.5Taunus 17M Turnier 1.5Taunus 17M-TSTaunus 2.0Taunus 2.0 AutomaticTaunus 2.0 V6Taunus 2.0 V6 AutomaticTaunus 2.3 V6Taunus 2.3 V6 AutomaticTaunus 20 HardtopTaunus 20 MTS HardtopTaunus 20MTaunus GTTaunus LTaunus TurnierTaunus Turnier 1.3Taunus Turnier 1.6Taunus Turnier 1.6 AutomaticTaunus Turnier 2.0Taunus Turnier 2.0 AutomaticTaunus Turnier 2.0 V6Taunus Turnier 2.0 V6 AutomaticTaunus Turnier 2.3 V6Taunus Turnier 2.3 V6 AutomaticTaunus Turnier LTaurusTaurus AWDTaurus EcoBoostTaurus LXTaurus SE WagonTaurus SHOTaurus SHO AutomaticTaurus SHO Performance PackageTaurus WagonTaurus XTaurus X AWDTE50TempoTempo AutomaticTempo Diesel SedanTempo SedanTenThunderbirdThunderbird HardtopThunderbird LandauThunderbird SCThunderbird TurboThunderbird V6Thunderbird V8Torino CobraTorino FastbackTorino HardtopTorino SedanTorino Station WagonTorino Talladega

V-8V8 30VedetteVendomeVisos

XL ConvertibleXL Convertible AutomaticXL FastbackXL GTXL GT AutomaticXL SportsroofXL Sportsroof AutomaticXW Fairmont Wagon

ZephyrZephyr 4Zephyr 6Zephyr V4Zephyr V6Zephyr ZodiacZodiacZodiac Mk III EstateZodiac Mk IVZX2 Automatic

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