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Barina Spark CDBarina Spark CD AutomaticBelmontBelmont EstateBerlina Ecotec V6Berlina Wagon Ecotec V6

CalaisCalais Ecotec V6 SuperchargedCalais V8Camira WagonCapriceCaprice V8Caprice V-SeriesCommodoreCommodore BerlinaCommodore Berlina V8Commodore Ecotec V6Commodore Ecotec V6 WagonCommodore ExecutiveCommodore Executive V6Commodore OmegaCommodore Omega LPGCommodore Omega SedanCommodore Omega SportwagonCommodore Omega UteCommodore SLCommodore SL V8Commodore SL V8 AutomaticCommodore SSCommodore SS AutomaticCommodore SS SedanCommodore SS Sedan AutomaticCommodore SS SportwagonCommodore SS Sportwagon AutomaticCommodore SS V8Commodore SS V8 Group 3Commodore SS WagonCommodore SS Wagon Series IICommodore SS Wagon Series II AutomaticCommodore Supercharged V6Commodore SV 5000Commodore SV6Commodore SV6 AutomaticCommodore SV6 SedanCommodore SV6 Sedan AutomaticCommodore SV6 SportwagonCommodore SV6 UteCommodore SV6 Ute AutomaticCommodore SV8Commodore SV8 AutomaticCommodore SV89Commodore WagonCommodore Wagon BerlinaCommodore Wagon ExecutiveCommodore Wagon Executive V6Commodore Wagon SLCommodore Wagon SL V8Commodore Wagon SL V8 AutomaticCruze 1.4 Turbo EquipeCruze 1.6 Turbo SRiCruze 1.6 Turbo SRi AutomaticCruze 1.6 Turbo SRi-VCruze 1.6 Turbo SRi-V AutomaticCruze 1.8 CDXCruze 1.8 CDX AutomaticCruze 1.8 EquipeCruze 1.8 Equipe AutomaticCruze Hatch 1.4 Turbo EquipeCruze Hatch 1.6 Turbo SRiCruze Hatch 1.6 Turbo SRi AutomaticCruze Hatch 1.6 Turbo SRi-VCruze Hatch 1.6 Turbo SRi-V AutomaticCruze Hatch 2.0 Diesel CDXCruze Hatch EquipeCruze Hatch Equipe AutomaticCruze Sportwagon 1.8 CDCruze Sportwagon 1.8 CDXCruze Sportwagon 2.0 Diesel CD

EfijyEJ SedanEJ Sedan AutomaticEJ Station SedanEJ Station Sedan AutomaticEK SedanEK Sedan AutomaticEK Station Sedan

HD Premier SedanHD Premier Station WagonHD Special SedanHR SedanHR Sedan AutomaticHR Sedan X2HR Sedan X2 AutomaticHR Station SedanHR Station Sedan AutomaticHR Station Sedan X2HR Station Sedan X2 Automatic

Kingswood SL SedanKingswood SL Sedan AutomaticKingswood SL Station WagonKingswood SL Station Wagon Automatic

Monaro CoupeMonaro Coupe CV8Monaro Coupe CV8 AutomaticMonaro Coupe GTSMonaro CV8Monaro CV8 AutomaticMonaro CV8RMonaro CV8R AutomaticMonaro GTSMonaro GTS 327Monaro GTS Automatic

Premier Estate

StatesmanStatesman V8

Torana GTR XU-1 CoupeTorana GTR-X Coupe

VivaViva AutomaticViva SedanViva Sedan AutomaticViva WagonViva Wagon Automatic

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