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2.4 Mark 12.4 Mark 2240

3.4 Mark 23.8 Mark 23.8S3.8S Automatic




E-Type 2+2E-Type 2+2 AutomaticE-Type 3.8E-Type 3.8 S1 Open Two SeaterE-Type 4.2 S1E-Type 4.2 S1 OTSE-Type V12E-Type V12 2+2

F-TypeF-Type CoupeF-Type R CoupeF-Type SF-Type S CoupeF-Type Turbo PrototypeF-Type V8 S


Mark IX 3.8Mark IX 3.8 AutomaticMark VMark VIIMark VII MMark VII M AutomaticMark VIIIMark X 4.2 OverdriveMark X AutomaticMk I 3.4Mk X 3.8


Sovereign V12SS 100 2.5-LitreSS 100 3.5SS 2.5-LitreSS 3.5-LitreSS 90S-Type 2.5 V6S-Type 2.5 V6 SES-Type 2.7 D ExecutiveS-Type 3.0 V6S-Type 3.0 V6 AutomaticS-Type 3.0 V6 SES-Type 3.0 V6 SportS-Type 4.0 V8S-Type 4.2 V8S-Type RSuper V8

XEXF 2.0 i4 TiXF 2.2 DieselXF 2.2DXF 2.7DXF 3.0 V6XF 3.0 V6 S/CXF 3.0 V6 S/C AWDXF 3.0DXF 3.0D SXF 3.0L V6D 500XF 3.0L V6D 600XF 4.2XF 4.2 S/CXF 5.0 V8 S/CXF 5.0L V8XF Sportbrake 2.2 DieselXF Sportbrake 2.2DXF Sportbrake 3.0DXF Sportbrake 3.0D SXFRXFR-SXJ 2.0XJ 2.0 LWBXJ 2.7 V6 LWBXJ 2.7 V6 TDVi SovereignXJ 3.0 SuperchargedXJ 3.0 Supercharged AWDXJ 3.0 Supercharged LWBXJ 3.0 Supercharged LWB AWDXJ 3.0 V6 DieselXJ 3.0 V6 Diesel LWBXJ 3.0D 600XJ 3.0D 600 LWBXJ 5.3CXJ V6XJ V8XJ V8 LWBXJ V8 S/CXJ V8 S/C LWBXJ V8 S/C SupersportXJ V8 S/C Supersport LWBXJ12XJ-12 S1XJ12C CoupeXJ12LXJ-13XJ-220XJ-220 PrototypeXJ6XJ-6XJ-6 2.8XJ-6 2.9XJ-6 3.2XJ6 3.2 AutomaticXJ6 3.2 SportXJ-6 3.4XJ-6 3.6XJ-6 4.0XJ-6 4.2XJ-6 4.2 CoupeXJ6 SportXJ-6CXJ8XJ8 3.2XJ8 3.5XJ8 3.5 LWBXJ8 4.2XJ8 4.2 LWBXJL 3.0 SuperchargedXJL 3.0 Supercharged AWDXJRXJR 4.0XJR-15XJR-S 6.0XJ-S 3.6XJ-S 4.0 AutomaticXJ-S 4.0 CoupeXJ-S 4.0 Coupe AutomaticXJ-S HEXJ-S V12XJ-S V12 CoupeXJ-S V12 Coupe AutomaticXJ-SC 4.0 ConvertibleXJ-SC V12 ConvertibleXKXK 100XK 120 DHCXK 120 FHCXK 120 RoadsterXK 120 SE FHCXK 120 SE RoadsterXK 140 RoadsterXK 140 SEXK 150XK 150 3.8 FHCXK 150 SE FHCXK 150 ZagatoXK 150S 3.4 FHCXK 150S DHCXK 180XK Convertible 5.0L V8XK Coupe 5.0L V8XK8 ConvertibleXK8 CoupeXKRXKR ConvertibleXKR CoupeXKR-SXKR-S ConvertibleXKR-S GTXK-SSX-Type 2.0 V6X-Type 2.0 V6 AutomaticX-Type 2.0DX-Type 2.2DX-Type 2.2D EstateX-Type 2.5X-Type 2.5 AutomaticX-Type 3.0X-Type 3.0 AutomaticX-Type Estate 2.0 DieselX-Type Estate 2.0 V6X-Type Estate 2.0 V6 AutomaticX-Type Estate 2.5 V6X-Type Estate 2.5 V6 AutomaticX-Type Estate 3.0 V6X-Type Estate 3.0 V6 Automatic

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