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CherokeeCherokee 2.1 turbodieselCherokee 2.4Cherokee 2.4 4x4Cherokee 2.8 CRD LimitedCherokee 2.8 CRD Limited AutomaticCherokee 3.2 V6Cherokee 3.2 V6 4x4Cherokee 3.7 V6Cherokee 4.0Cherokee 4.0 4WDCherokee 4.0 4WD AutomaticCherokee 4.0 AutomaticCherokee 4.0 LimitedCherokee SCJ-5CJ-7Commander 3.7Commander 3.7 4WDCommander 5.7 HemiCommander 5.7 Hemi 4WDCompass 2.0 CRD LimitedCompass 2.4 LimitedCompass 2.4 Limited CVTCompass Sport 2.0 16vCompass Sport 2.0 16v AutomaticCompass Sport 2.2 CRDCompass Sport 2.2 CRD 4WDCompass Sport 2.4 16vCompass Sport 2.4 16v 4WDCompass Sport 2.4 16v 4WD AutomaticCompass Sport 2.4 16v 4WD CVTCompass Sport 2.4 16v Automatic


Grand CherokeeGrand Cherokee 3.0 CRDGrand Cherokee 4.0 Full-Time 4WDGrand Cherokee 4WDGrand Cherokee LaredoGrand Cherokee Laredo 3.6 V6Grand Cherokee Laredo 3.6 V6 4WDGrand Cherokee Laredo V8Grand Cherokee LimitedGrand Cherokee Limited 3.0 EcoDieselGrand Cherokee Limited 3.0 EcoDiesel 4WDGrand Cherokee Limited 3.6 V6Grand Cherokee Limited 3.6 V6 4WDGrand Cherokee Limited 5.7 V8Grand Cherokee Limited 5.7 V8 4WDGrand Cherokee Overland 3.0 EcoDieselGrand Cherokee Overland 3.0 EcoDiesel 4WDGrand Cherokee Overland 3.6 V6Grand Cherokee Overland 3.6 V6 4WDGrand Cherokee Overland 5.7 V8Grand Cherokee Overland 5.7 V8 4WDGrand Cherokee SRT8Grand Cherokee SRT-8Grand Cherokee Summit 3.0 EcoDieselGrand Cherokee Summit 3.0 EcoDiesel 4WDGrand Cherokee Summit 3.6 V6Grand Cherokee Summit 3.6 V6 4WDGrand Cherokee Summit 5.7 V8Grand Cherokee Summit 5.7 V8 4WD


LibertyLiberty 2.8 CRDLiberty 3.7Liberty 3.7 4WDLiberty 3.7 4WD AutomaticLiberty 3.7 AutomaticLiberty 4WD

Patriot Sport 2.0 16vPatriot Sport 2.0 16v AutomaticPatriot Sport 2.4 16vPatriot Sport 2.4 16v 4WDPatriot Sport 2.4 16v 4WD AutomaticPatriot Sport 2.4 16v 4WD CVTPatriot Sport 2.4 16v Automatic

WillysWranglerWrangler 2.4Wrangler 2.4 AutomaticWrangler 2.5Wrangler 2.5 AutomaticWrangler 2.5 HardtopWrangler 2.5 Hardtop AutomaticWrangler 2.8 CRDWrangler 2.8 CRD AutomaticWrangler 3.8Wrangler 3.8 AutomaticWrangler 4.0Wrangler 4.0 AutomaticWrangler 4.0 HardtopWrangler 4.0 Hardtop AutomaticWrangler RubiconWrangler Rubicon AutomaticWrangler SaharaWrangler Sahara AutomaticWrangler SportWrangler Sport AutomaticWrangler Unlimited 2.8 CRDWrangler Unlimited 2.8 CRD AutomaticWrangler Unlimited 3.8Wrangler Unlimited 3.8 AutomaticWrangler Unlimited RubiconWrangler Unlimited Rubicon AutomaticWrangler Unlimited SaharaWrangler Unlimited Sahara AutomaticWrangler Unlimited SportWrangler Unlimited Sport Automatic

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