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3000 GT3000 GT VR-4360 LT 23 D380380 Automatic380 ES Series III380 GT Series III380 SX Series III380 VRX380 VRX Automatic380 VRX Series III380 VRX Series III Automatic


Airtrek 20VAirtrek 24V-SAirtrek Sport GearAirtrek Turbo-RAspireAspire VientoAspire Viento 4WDAspire VivaceAspire Vivace 4WDAspire VR-GAspire VR-G 4WDASX 1600ASX 1600 AS&GASX 1800 DiDASX 1800 DiD 4WD AS&GASX 1800 DiD AS&GASX 2.0ASX 2.0 4WD

CarismaCeleste 1400 GSL CoupeCeleste 1400 SR CoupeCeleste 1600 GL CoupeCeleste 1600 GSR CoupeCeleste 1600 GT CoupeCeleste 1600 XL CoupeChariot MX 2.0 16vColt 1.1Colt 1.1 AttivoColt 1.1 ClassicColt 1.1 ClearTecColt 1.1 MirageColt 1.1 RedColt 1.3 AllshiftColt 1.3 ClearTecColt 1.3 EquippeColt 1.3 Equippe AutomaticColt 1.3 MirageColt 1.3LColt 1.5 CZTColt 1.5 DI-D EquippeColt 1.5 DI-D Equippe AutomaticColt 1.5 Elegance AutomaticColt 1.5 SportColt 1.5LColt 1000Colt 1000 EstateColt 1000 FastbackColt 1200Colt 1250 ELColt 1400 GLXColt 1400 TurboColt 1600 GTi-16vColt 1600 TurboColt 1800 DieselColt 800Colt Galant 14 LColt Galant 14 L CustomColt Galant 16 L CustomColt Galant 16 L GLColt Galant 16 L GL AutomaticColt Galant 16 L Grand SportsColt Galant 16 L Grand Sports AutomaticColt Galant 1600Colt Galant 1600 EstateColt Galant 2000Colt Galant GTO 1700 SL-5Colt Galant GTO 2000 GSRColt Galant GTO 2000 SL-5Colt Galant GTO MRColt Galant Hardtop 16 L GLColt Galant Hardtop 16 L GL AutomaticColt Galant Hardtop 16 L Grand SportsColt Galant Hardtop 16 L Grand Sports AutomaticColt GTi 16V-Turbo 4WDColt GTi-16V TurboColt Lancer 1200Colt Lancer 1400Colt Lancer 1600Colt Lancer 2000 TurboColt Plus RalliartColt Ralliart 1.5 TurboColt Ralliart Version-RColt Ralliart Version-R AutomaticColt Sapporo 2000 GSLColt Sapporo 2000 GSRColt Sigma 1600 GLColt Sigma 2000 GLXColt Starion TurboConcept-RACordia 1600 GSLCordia 1600 GSL AutomaticCordia 1600 SL CoupeCordia 1600 SR CoupeCordia 1600 Turbo SCordia 1800 GSLCordia 1800 SECordia 1800 SE AutomaticCordia 1800 TurboCordia 1800 Turbo GTCordia 1800 Turbo GT 4WDCordia 1800 Turbo GT AutomaticCZ2 Cabriolet

DebonairDebonair AutomaticDebonair De LuxeDebonair V 2000 Supersaloon SuperchargerDelica D:5 G-NaviDelica D:5 MDiamante EspadaDiamante V6 2500Diamante V6 2500 MVVDiamante V6 3000Diamante V6 3000 4WDDiamante V6 3000 MIVEC

EclipseEclipse 2000 GS-16VEclipse 2000 GSi-16VEclipse Coupe GSEclipse Coupe GS AutomaticEclipse Coupe GTEclipse Coupe GT AutomaticEclipse GS-TEclipse GSXEclipse RSEclipse SpyderEclipse Spyder GSEclipse Spyder GS AutomaticEclipse Spyder GTEclipse Spyder GT AutomaticEclipse TurboEclipse Turbo AutomaticEclipse Turbo GSXeK-Wagon MeK-Wagon M 4WDEmeraude V6 1800 Super TouringEmeraude V6 1800 Super Touring AutomaticEmeraude V6 2000 Super TouringEmeraude V6 2000 Super Touring 4Emeraude V6 2000 Super Touring 4 AutomaticEmeraude V6 2000 Super Touring AutomaticEmeraude V6 2000 Super Touring REmeraude V6 2000 Super Touring R AutomaticEndeavorEndeavor FWD


Galant 1800 GLSiGalant 1800 MFGalant 1800 MF AutomaticGalant 1800 MS-4Galant 1800 MS-4 AutomaticGalant 1800 MUGalant 1800 MU AutomaticGalant 1800 MVV 16VGalant 1800 MVV 16V AutomaticGalant 1800 VientoGalant 1800 Viento AutomaticGalant 2.0Galant 2.0 AutomaticGalant 2.4 GDIGalant 2.4 GDI AutomaticGalant 2.5 V6Galant 2.5 V6 AutomaticGalant 2000 GLSGalant 2000 GLS Station WagonGalant 2000 GLSiGalant 2000 GLSi AutomaticGalant 2000 GLSi CoupeGalant 2000 GLXGalant 2000 GLX Station WagonGalant 2000 GTi-16vGalant 2000 MXGalant 2000 MX AutomaticGalant 2000 MX-4Galant 2000 MX-4 AutomaticGalant 2000 Turbo VR4Galant 2000 V6Galant 2000 V6 AutomaticGalant 2000 VX-SGalant 2500 V6Galant 2500 V6-24Galant 2500 V6-24 Station WagonGalant AMGGalant AMG AutomaticGalant Dynamic FourGalant Dynamic Four CoupeGalant ESGalant ExceedGalant Exceed 1800 GDIGalant Exceed AutomaticGalant EXE 1800 16vGalant Fortis SportGalant Fortis Sport 4WDGalant Fortis Sport CVTGalant FTO GI CoupeGalant FTO GII CoupeGalant FTO GIII CoupeGalant GFGalant GF AutomaticGalant GF-4Galant GF-4 AutomaticGalant GF-4 DieselGalant GF-4 Diesel AutomaticGalant GLS Turbo-DieselGalant Lambda 1600 SLGalant Lambda 2000 GSL SuperGalant Lambda Eterna 2000 XLGalant MF-DGalant MF-D AutomaticGalant MU DieselGalant MU Diesel AutomaticGalant MXGalant MX AutomaticGalant Sigma 1800 LSGalant Sigma 1800 Super TouringGalant Sigma 1800 Super Touring AutomaticGalant Sigma 1800 Turbo Super TouringGalant Sigma 1800 Turbo Super Touring AutomaticGalant Sigma 2000 RoyalGalant Sigma 2000 Super SaloonGalant Sigma GSR-X TurboGalant Sigma GSR-X Turbo AutomaticGalant TurboGalant V6Galant V6 RalliartGalant VE 1800 GDI LEGalant VE 1800 GDI LE AutomaticGalant Viento 1800 GDIGalant Viento 1800 GDI 4WDGalant Viento 2.4Galant Viento 2.4 4WDGalant Viento IIGalant Viento II 1800 DOHC 16vGalant Viento II 1800 DOHC 16v AutomaticGalant Viento II AutomaticGalant Viento V6Galant Viento V6 AutomaticGalant Viento-4Galant Viento-4 AutomaticGalant VR-4Galant VR-G 1800 GDIGalant VR-G 1800 GDI 4WDGalant VR-G 1800 GDI 4WD AutomaticGalant VR-G 1800 GDI AutomaticGalant VR-G 1800 GDI LE AutomaticGalant VR-G TouringGalant VXGalant VX AutomaticGalant VX-RGalant VX-R AutomaticGalant Wagon 2.0Galant Wagon 2.0 AutomaticGalant Wagon 2.4 GDIGalant Wagon 2.4 GDI AutomaticGalant Wagon 2.5 V6Galant Wagon 2.5 V6 AutomaticGrandis 2.0 Di-DGrandis 2.4 MIVECGrandis 2.4 MIVEC AutomaticGTOGTO MRGTO SRGTO SR Automatic


ii Ti T 4WDi Vivacei Vivace 4WDi-MiEV

L-300 ComfortwagonL-300 StarwagonLancer 1.3Lancer 1.3 GLLancer 1.3 GLX AutomaticLancer 1.5 GLXLancer 1.6Lancer 1.6 AutomaticLancer 1.8Lancer 1.8 AutomaticLancer 1200 SL-5Lancer 1200 StandardLancer 1400 GLLancer 1400 SL-5Lancer 1500 GLXLancer 1500 MX-ELancer 1500 MX-E 4WDLancer 1500 MX-E AutomaticLancer 1600 GL-EXLancer 1600 GLXiLancer 1600 GLXi AutomaticLancer 1600 GSRLancer 1600 GTi-16vLancer 1800 GTi 16vLancer 2.0 Di-DLancer 2.0 GLSLancer Cedia 1500 ExtraLancer Cedia 1500 Extra 4WDLancer Cedia 1500 MXLancer Cedia 1500 MX CVTLancer Cedia 1500 MX-E 4WDLancer Cedia 1500 TouringLancer Cedia 1800 SE-GLancer Cedia 1800 SE-G 4WDLancer Cedia 1800 TouringLancer ESLancer ES AutomaticLancer Evolution GSRLancer Evolution GSR AutomaticLancer Evolution ILancer Evolution IILancer Evolution IIILancer Evolution IV GSRLancer Evolution IV RSLancer Evolution IX FQ300Lancer Evolution IX FQ320Lancer Evolution IX FQ340Lancer Evolution IX FQ360Lancer Evolution IX GSRLancer Evolution IX GTLancer Evolution IX RSLancer Evolution V GSRLancer Evolution V RSLancer Evolution VI GSRLancer Evolution VI GSR Tommi MakinenLancer Evolution VI RSLancer Evolution VII GSRLancer Evolution VII GTALancer Evolution VII RSLancer Evolution VIIILancer Evolution VIII 260Lancer Evolution VIII FQ300Lancer Evolution VIII FQ330Lancer Evolution VIII GSRLancer Evolution VIII MR FQ300Lancer Evolution VIII MR FQ320Lancer Evolution VIII MR FQ340Lancer Evolution VIII MR FQ400Lancer Evolution VIII RSLancer Evolution Wagon IX GTLancer Evolution Wagon IX GT-ALancer Evolution X GSRLancer Evolution X GSR SSTLancer Evolution X RSLancer FLancer F AutomaticLancer GSRLancer GSR 4WDLancer GSR AutomaticLancer GTi 1.8 16vLancer Kombi 1.6Lancer Kombi 1.6 AutomaticLancer Kombi 1600Lancer Kombi 1600 AutomaticLancer Kombi 2.0Lancer Kombi 2000 DieselLancer MRLancer MR AutomaticLancer MVVLancer MXLancer MX 1.3Lancer MX 1.3 AutomaticLancer MX 1.5Lancer MX 1.5 AutomaticLancer MX AutomaticLancer MX LimitedLancer MX Limited AutomaticLancer MX Limited V6Lancer MX Limited V6 AutomaticLancer MX SaloonLancer MX Saloon 1.5Lancer MX Saloon 1.5 AutomaticLancer MX Saloon 4WDLancer MX Saloon 4WD AutomaticLancer MX Saloon AutomaticLancer MX Saloon DieselLancer MX V6 SaloonLancer MX-SLancer MX-S AutomaticLancer Oz RallyLancer Oz Rally AutomaticLancer Ralli ArtLancer RalliartLancer SLancer S AutomaticLancer Sportback 1.6Lancer Sportback 1.8Lancer Sportback 1.8 AutomaticLancer Sportback LSLancer Sportback RalliartLibero Green FieldLibero Green Field AutomaticLibero GTLibero GT AutomaticLibero MonteLibero Monte AutomaticLibero MVV WagonLibero MVV Wagon AutomaticLibero VLibero V AutomaticLibero V LimitedLibero XLibero X Automatic

Magna ESMagna ES AutomaticMagna ES LPGMagna ES WagonMagna LS AWDMagna LS WagonMagna VR WagonMagna VR-XMagna VR-X AutomaticMagna VR-X AWDMinicaMinica 4WDMinica 4WD AutomaticMinica 72Minica 72 GLMinica Ami 55 Hi De LuxeMinica Ami 55 XLMinica AutomaticMinica Dangan 4Minica Dangan ZZMinica Pg-4WDMinica Pg-4WD AutomaticMinica Skipper GTMinica Skipper LMinica SRMinica SR AutomaticMirageMirage 1200 ELMirage 1200 GLMirage 1400 GLMirage 1500 GDi Dingo PearlMirage Asti 1300Mirage Asti 1300 AutomaticMirage Asti 1300 VMirage Asti 1300 V AutomaticMirage Asti 1500Mirage Asti 1500 AutomaticMirage Asti 1500 ZMirage Asti 1500 Z AutomaticMirage Asti 1600 ZRMirage Asti 1600 ZR AutomaticMirage CVTMirage CyborgMirage Cyborg AutomaticMirage LSMirage Modarc 1300Mirage Modarc 1500Mirage Modarc 1500 4WDMirage SModel A

OutlanderOutlander 2.0Outlander 2.0 4WDOutlander 2.0 CVTOutlander 2.0 DI-DOutlander 2.2 DI-DOutlander 2.2 DI-D 4WDOutlander 2.2 DI-D CleartecOutlander 2.2 DI-D Cleartec 4WDOutlander 2.4Outlander 24GOutlander 24MOutlander 24MSOutlander 30GOutlander 30MSOutlander 4WDOutlander 4WD CVTOutlander CVT

Pajero 2.4i Metal-Top GLXPajero 3.2 DI-DPajero 3.2 DI-D AutomaticPajero EvolutionPajero Evolution AutomaticPajero ExceedPajero Exceed-XPajero iO ZRPajero MiniPajero Mini AutomaticPajero Sport 2.5 Di-DPajero Sport 2.5 Di-D AutomaticPajero Super Exceed 3200 DI-DieselPajero Super Exceed V6 3500 GDIPajero V6 Super Select GLS Metal-TopPajero V6 Super Select GLS Wagon SHRPajero VR-IPajero VR-I AutomaticPajero VR-IIPajero ZRPajero ZR AutomaticPajero ZR-SPajero ZR-S AutomaticPistachioProudia AProudia CProudia Dignity

RVR Exceed Sunroof Limited

SapporoSapporo 1600 GLXSapporo 2000 GLS AutomaticSapporo 2000 GSRSapporo 2000 TurboSapporo AutomaticSe-RoShogun 2.8 TDShogun V6SigmaSigma 24vSigma 24v AutomaticSigma AutomaticSigma EstateSigma Estate AutomaticSpace Runner 1800-16vSpace Star 1300Space Star 1800 GDISpace Star 1800 GDI AutomaticSpace Star 1900 DI-DSpace Wagon 16v GLXiSpace Wagon 2000 GLXSpace Wagon Turbo DieselSSTStarion 2.6Starion 2.6 TurboStarion 2000 TurboStarion 2000 Turbo GSR-IStarion 2000 Turbo GSR-II AutomaticStarion 2000 Turbo GSR-II IntercoolerStarion 2000 Turbo GSR-X

Tarmac SpyderToppo BJ MToppo BJ M 4WDToppo BJ M 4WD AutomaticToppo BJ M AutomaticToppo BJ M-TToppo BJ M-T 4WDToppo BJ RToppo BJ R 4WDToppo BJ R 4WD AutomaticToppo BJ R AutomaticToppo BJ S 4WD AutomaticToppo BJ S AutomaticTredia 1400 GLXTredia 1600Tredia 1600 Turbo

Verada EiVerada Ei WagonVerada GTVi AWDVerada Xi

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