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100 NX1600 SSS180SX Type R180SX Type R Automatic180SX Type S180SX Type S Automatic180SX Type X180SX Type X Automatic1-Tonner 2.4 Patrol 4X41-Tonner 2400 Hi-Rider1-Tonner V6 4X4 Patrol

200SX200SX Automatic200SX SE-R240 C240SX240SX Automatic

300 ZR300 ZX300 ZX 2+2300 ZX 2+2 Automatic300 ZX Automatic300 ZX Turbo300 ZX Turbo 2+2300 ZX Turbo 2+2 Automatic300 ZX Turbo Automatic300 ZX Version S300 ZX Version S Twin Turbo350Z350Z 35th Anniversary Edition350Z Automatic350Z Coupe350Z Coupe Nismo350Z GT4350Z Roadster350Z Roadster Automatic370Z370Z Automatic370Z Nismo370Z Roadster370Z Roadster Automatic

50Z Coupe Automatic

720 Sport Truck

AlmeraAlmera 1.4Almera 1.5iAlmera 1.6Almera 1.6 AutomaticAlmera 1.8iAlmera 1.8i AutomaticAlmera 2.0 dieselAlmera 2.0 GTiAlmera AutomaticAlmera Saloon 1.4Almera Saloon 1.6Almera Saloon 1.6 AutomaticAlmera Saloon 2.0 dieselAlmera Tino 1.8iAlmera Tino 1.8i AutomaticAlmera Tino 2.2 dCiAltimaAltima 2.5Altima 2.5 AutomaticAltima 2.5 CVTAltima 2.5 S AutomaticAltima 3.5Altima 3.5 SEAltima 3.5 SE AutomaticAltima 3.5 SE-RAltima 3.5 SE-R AutomaticAltima 3.5 SLAltima Coupe 2.5Altima Coupe 2.5 CVTAltima Coupe 3.5Altima Coupe 3.5 CVTAuster 1600 CSAuster 1600 CS AutomaticAuster 1600 CS SedanAuster 1600 T-DX SedanAutech Stelvio ZagatoAvenir BlastarAvenir GT4-SIAvenir Salut 1.8Avenir Salut 1.8 AutomaticAvenir Salut 2.0Avenir Salut 2.0 4WDAvenir Salut 2.0 DieselAvenir Salut SiAvenir Salut Si 4WDAvenir Salut X

Be-1Be-1 AutomaticBluebird 1.8 ZX TurboBluebird 1.8SSSBluebird 1.8SSS 4WDBluebird 1.8SSS 4WD AutomaticBluebird 1.8SSS AutomaticBluebird 1.8SSS CVTBluebird 1600 CT SedanBluebird 1600 GL HardtopBluebird 1600 GL SedanBluebird 1600 LBluebird 1800 GF HardtopBluebird 1800 GL SedanBluebird 1800 SSS HardtopBluebird 1800 SSS-E HardtopBluebird 1800 SSS-E SedanBluebird 1800 Turbo SSSBluebird 1800 Turbo SSS AutomaticBluebird 1800 Turbo SSS-X HardtopBluebird 1800 Turbo SSS-X Hardtop AutomaticBluebird 2.0 DieselBluebird 2.0 Diesel AutomaticBluebird 2.0SSSBluebird 2.0SSS 4WDBluebird 2.0SSS 4WD AutomaticBluebird 2.0SSS CVTBluebird 2.0SSS-ZBluebird 2000 SSSBluebird 2000 SSS AutomaticBluebird 2000 SSS ELBluebird 2000 SSS EL AutomaticBluebird 2000 SSS EX-G HardtopBluebird 2000 SSS EX-G Hardtop AutomaticBluebird 2000 SSS-GBluebird 2000 SSS-G 4WDBluebird 2000 SSS-G 4WD AutomaticBluebird 2000 SSS-G AutomaticBluebird ARXBluebird ARX AutomaticBluebird Maxima V6Bluebird Maxima V6 Turbo XVBluebird SSSBluebird SSS 4WDBluebird SSS 4WD AutomaticBluebird SSS AttesaBluebird SSS Attesa AutomaticBluebird SSS AutomaticBluebird SSS-RBluebird SSS-R AttesaBluebird Sylphy 1.5Bluebird Sylphy 1.5 4WDBluebird Sylphy 15iBluebird Sylphy 15i AutomaticBluebird Sylphy 18ViBluebird Sylphy 18Vi-4Bluebird Sylphy 2.0Bluebird Sylphy 2.0XJ-GBluebird Sylphy 20XJBluebird Turbo 4WDBluebird-U 1600 De Luxe SedanBluebird-U 1600 GL HardtopBluebird-U 1600 SSS Sedan

Cedric 2000 Custom SixCedric 2000 LPGCedric 2000 Personal SixCedric 250L-FourCedric 300LVCedric 300LX-ZCedric BroughamCedric Brougham HardtopCedric Brougham VIPCedric Brougham VIP C Type HardtopCedric Brougham VIP HardtopCedric Brougham VIP Type CCedric ClassicCedric Classic AutomaticCedric Classic HardtopCedric Classic Hardtop AutomaticCedric Classic SVCedric Classic SV AutomaticCedric Classic SV HardtopCedric Classic SV Hardtop AutomaticCedric Gran Turismo HardtopCedric Gran Turismo Hardtop AutomaticCedric Gran Turismo SV HardtopCedric RD28 BroughamCedric RD28 ClassicCedric RD28 Classic SVCedric Super CustomCedric Super Custom AutomaticCedric Turbo Brougham VIPCedric Turbo Brougham VIP C TypeCedric Turbo Brougham VIP C Type HardtopCedric Turbo Brougham VIP HardtopCedric Twin Cam Turbo BroughamCedric Twin Cam Turbo Brougham HardtopCedric V20E ClassicCedric V20E Classic SVCedric V30 Twin Cam BroughamCedric V30 Twin Cam Gran Turismo SVCedric V30 Twin Cam Turbo BroughamCedric V30 Twin Cam Turbo Brougham GCedric V30 Twin Cam Turbo Brougham VIPCedric V30 Twin Cam Turbo Brougham VIP Type CCedric V30 Twin Cam Turbo Gran Turismo AltimaCedric V30E BroughamCedric V30E Classic SVCedric V30E Gran TurismoCedric/Gloria 2000Cedric/Gloria 2000 De Luxe SedanCedric/Gloria 2000 DieselCedric/Gloria 2000 GL-ECedric/Gloria 2000 SGL SedanCedric/Gloria 2000 SGL-ECedric/Gloria 2200 DieselCedric/Gloria 2600 GXCedric/Gloria 2600 GX HardtopCedric/Gloria 2800 SGLCedric/Gloria 2800 SGL-ECedric/Gloria AutomaticCedric/Gloria GLCedric/Gloria GXCedric/Gloria HardtopCedric/Gloria Hardtop AutomaticCedric/Gloria Hardtop SedanCedric/Gloria Hardtop Sedan AutomaticCefiro 2.0 24vCefiro 2.0 24v TurboCefiro 2.0 24v Turbo 4WDCefiro 2.0 24v Turbo AutomaticCefiro 2.0-6Cefiro 2.0-6 AutomaticCefiro 2.5Cefiro 25 ExcimoCefiro ExcimoCefiro Excimo AutomaticCefiro Wagon 20 Cruising GCefiro Wagon 25 Cruising GCherry TurboCima 300GCima 30LCima 41LVCima 41LV S-FourCima 41LXCima 450X FourCima 450XVCima HybridCrew 2000 LXCrew 2000 LX AutomaticCrew 2800 LX DieselCrew 2800 LX Diesel AutomaticCubeCube 4WDCube CVTCube EXCube EX 4WDCube EX CVTCube RiderCube Rider 4WDCube Square AutechCube Square Autech 4WDCube Square Autech CVTCube SXCube SX 4WDCube SX CVT

Exa TurboEXA Type A CoupeEXA Type A Coupe AutomaticEXA Type B CoupeEXA Type B Coupe Automatic

Fairlady 200 ZRFairlady 200 ZR 2+2Fairlady 2000 Z CoupeFairlady ZFairlady Z 2+2 SportsFairlady Z 300 ZRFairlady Z 300 ZR AutomaticFairlady Z 300 ZX AutomaticFairlady Z AutomaticFairlady Z NISMOFairlady Z NISMO AutomaticFairlady Z RoadsterFairlady Z Roadster AutomaticFairlady Z Roadster Version TFairlady Z SportsFairlady Z Version NISMOFigaroFuga 250 GTFuga 250GTFuga 250GT Type SFuga 350GTFuga 350GT FourFuga 350GT SportFuga 350GT Type SFuga 350XVFuga 370 GTFuga 370 GT FOURFuga 370 Type SFuga 450GTFuga 450GT Type S

Gazelle Turbo RS-XGloria 250TX Four GTGloria 250TX GTGloria 300 UltimaGloria 300 Ultima Z GTGloria 300TXGloria Cima Type IGloria Cima Type IIGloria Cima Type II LimitedGloria Cima Type II-SGloria Station WagonGloria Super Six SedanGrand Livina 1.6 AcentaGT-RGT-R Black EditionGT-R NISMOGT-R Premium EditionGT-R Pure EditionGT-R specV


Juke 1.5 dCiJuke 1.6Juke 1.6 CVTJuke 1.6 Pure DriveJuke 1.6 TurboJuke 1.6 Turbo 4WDJuke 15RS

Langley 1500Langley DLangley SSS TurboLaurel 1800Laurel 1800 GLLaurel 2.0-6Laurel 2.0-6 AutomaticLaurel 2000 GLLaurel 2000 GX HardtopLaurel 25 S Club Type XLaurel 280 SGLLaurel Club 25 S FOURLaurel MedalistLaurel Medalist 25Laurel Medalist 25 FOURLaurel Medalist Premier Turbo 25Laurel S Club Turbo Type XLaurel S Club Type XLaurel SGL AutomaticLeafLeopardLeopard 180 F HardtopLeopard 180 GXLeopard 200 SGXLeopard 300 Turbo Grand Edition HardtopLeopard J. FerieLeopard TurboLeopard Turbo 200 XS-IILeopard Turbo SGXLeopard V6Leopard XJLeopard XJ 2.5Leopard XJ FourLeopard XRLeopard XV-GLiberta Villa 1500 FCLiberta Villa 1500 FLLiberta Villa 1500 SSS TurboLiberta Villa 1500 SSS-ELiberta Villa 1700 Diesel FL-DLivina 1.6 AcentaLivina 1.6 VisiaLucino 1.8SSLucino 1.8SS AutomaticLucino Twin Cam 1500 FLucino Twin Cam 1500 F AutomaticLucino Twin Cam 1500 GG CoupeLucino Twin Cam 1500 GG Type S CoupeLucino Twin Cam 1500 GG Type S Coupe AutomaticLucino Twin Cam 1500 JJLucino Twin Cam 1500 JJ 4WDLucino Twin Cam 1500 JJ 4WD AutomaticLucino Twin Cam 1500 JJ AutomaticLucino Twin Cam 1600 RRLucino Twin Cam 1600 RR AutomaticLucino Twin Cam 1600 VZ-RLucino Twin Cam 1600 VZ-R CoupeLucino Twin Cam 1800 ZZ

March 10bMarch 12cMarch 12SMarch 12X FourMarch 14eMarch AMarch A AutomaticMarch A CVTMarch AutostradaMarch Box 1.0March Box 1.0 CVTMarch Box 1.3March Box 1.3 CVTMarch Collet 1.3 CVT 4WDMarch EMarch GMarch GXA D--AMarch i.zMarch i.z AutomaticMarch i.z CVTMarch NISMOMarch NISMO SMarch SMarch Super TurboMarch XMarch X FOURMarch X FOUR GMarch X FOUR V SelectionMarch X V SelectionMaximaMaxima 250 ST-LMaxima 250 ST-SMaxima 3.5 SEMaxima 3.5 SE AutomaticMaxima 3.5 SLMaxima QX SEMaxima QX SE AutomaticMicra 1.0Micra 1.0 GSXMicra 1.0 LSMicra 1.0 TurboMicra 1.2Micra 1.2 AutomaticMicra 1.2 CVTMicra 1.2 DIG-SMicra 1.2 DIG-S CVTMicra 1.2 GSXMicra 1.3Micra 1.4Micra 1.4 AutomaticMicra 1.5 dCiMicra 160SRMicra C+CMicra C+C 1.6Micra N-CVT 1.3Micra RMicra SMicra S AutomaticMicra SRMicra SR AutomaticMicra SVMicra SV AutomaticMID4MID-4 Type IIMoco BMoco B 4WDMoco TMoco T 4WDMuranoMurano CrossCabrioletMurano DieselMurano GT-C

Navara Double CabNavara Double Cab 4WDNavara Double Cab 4WD AutomaticNavara Double Cab AutomaticNavara King CabNavara King Cab 4WDNote 1.4Note 1.5Note 1.5 4WDNote 1.5 TurbodieselNote 1.6Note 1.6 AutomaticNote 15XNote 15X FOURNote 16XNP200 1.5 dCiNP200 1.6NP200 1.6 16v

Otti RSOtti RS FourOtti RXOtti RX FourOtti SOtti S AutomaticOtti S FourOtti S Four Automatic

PaoPao AutomaticPatrol 2.8 Turbodiesel Station WagonPatrol GR 2.8 Turbodiesel SafariPatrol GR 2.8 Turbodiesel Wagon SafariPatrol GR 4.2i Station Wagon SafariPino E AutomaticPino E Four AutomaticPino SPino S AutomaticPino S FourPino S Four AutomaticPintaraPintara AutomaticPintara WagonPintara Wagon AutomaticPixoPixo AutomaticPrairie 1500 JW Station WagonPrairie 4X4Prairie Anniversary IIPresea 1.5 16vPresea 1.5 16v AutomaticPresea 1.8 16vPresea 1.8 16v AutomaticPresea 1500 Twin CamPresea 1500 Twin Cam AutomaticPresea 1800 Twin CamPresea 1800 Twin Cam AutomaticPresea 2.0i 16vPresea 2.0i 16v AutomaticPresea 2000 Twin CamPresidentPresident CPresident DPrimera 1.6Primera 1.6 EstatePrimera 1.6 HatchbackPrimera 1.6LSPrimera 1.6LS EstatePrimera 1.8Primera 1.8 CIPrimera 1.8 CI AutomaticPrimera 1.8CiPrimera 1.8Ci AutomaticPrimera 1.8Ci LPrimera 1.9 dCiPrimera 18CPrimera 2.0Primera 2.0 4X4Primera 2.0 AutomaticPrimera 2.0 EstatePrimera 2.0 Estate AutomaticPrimera 2.0 GSXPrimera 2.0 GTPrimera 2.0 GT HatchbackPrimera 2.0 HatchbackPrimera 2.0 Hatchback AutomaticPrimera 2.0 TM AutomaticPrimera 2.0 Turbo DieselPrimera 2.0 Turbo Diesel EstatePrimera 2.0 ZXPrimera 2.0d SLXPrimera 2.0i GS EstatePrimera 2.0T4Primera 2.0T4 AutomaticPrimera 2.0Te-VPrimera 2.0TmPrimera 2.0Tm CVTPrimera 2.0Tm SPrimera 2.2 dCiPrimera 200 STiPrimera 20G4Primera 20LPrimera 20VPrimera 25XPrimera Hatch 1.6Primera Hatchback 2.0 Turbo DieselPrimera Saloon 1.6Primera W20LPrimera W20VPrimera W25XPrimera Wagon 1.6Primera Wagon 1.8GPrimera Wagon 1.8G AutomaticPrimera Wagon 1.8G CVTPrimera Wagon 2.0G-4Primera Wagon 2.0G-4 AutomaticPrimera Wagon 2.0GSPrimera Wagon 2.0GS CVTPrimera Wagon 2.0G-VPulsarPulsar 1300 TCPulsar 1300 TC SedanPulsar 1300TCPulsar 1300TSPulsar 1300TS AutomaticPulsar 1500 TS SedanPulsar 1500TS-GPulsar 1500TS-G AutomaticPulsar 1500TS-GEPulsar 1500TS-GE AutomaticPulsar 1500TS-LPulsar 1500TS-L AutomaticPulsar 1700 Diesel TS-DPulsar CVTPulsar Exa 1500Pulsar Exa-EPulsar Hatch SSSPulsar Hatch STPulsar Hatch ST-SPulsar Milano X1Pulsar Milano X1 TurboPulsar Milano X1-EPulsar Sedan Diesel 2000Pulsar Sedan Diesel 2000 AutomaticPulsar Sedan Twin Cam 1500 4WDPulsar Sedan Twin Cam 1500 4WD AutomaticPulsar Sedan Twin Cam 1500 X1Pulsar Sedan Twin Cam 1500 X1 AutomaticPulsar Sedan Twin Cam 1600 VZ-RPulsar Sedan Twin Cam 1600 X1RPulsar Sedan Twin Cam 1600 X1R AutomaticPulsar Sedan Twin Cam 1800 GTPulsar Twin Cam 1500 FPulsar Twin Cam 1500 F AutomaticPulsar Twin Cam 1500 X1Pulsar Twin Cam 1500 X1 4WDPulsar Twin Cam 1500 X1 4WD AutomaticPulsar Twin Cam 1500 X1 AutomaticPulsar Twin Cam 1600 VZ-RPulsar Twin Cam 1600 X1RPulsar Twin Cam 1600 X1R AutomaticPulsar Twin Cam 1800 GTiPulsar VZ-R N1Pulsar VZ-R N1 Spec II

Qashqai 1.5 DieselQashqai 1.5 Diesel EcoQashqai 1.6Qashqai 1.6 DieselQashqai 1.6 Diesel 4WDQashqai 1.6 Diesel ISSQashqai 1.6 Diesel ISS 4WDQashqai 1.6 ISSQashqai 2.0Qashqai 2.0 4WDQashqai 2.0 4WD CVTQashqai 2.0 CVTQashqai 2.0 DieselQashqai 2.0 Diesel 4WDQashqai 2.0 Diesel 4WD CVTQashqai+2 1.5 DieselQashqai+2 1.6Qashqai+2 1.6 DieselQashqai+2 1.6 Diesel 4WDQashqai+2 1.6 Diesel ISSQashqai+2 1.6 Diesel ISS 4WDQashqai+2 1.6 ISSQashqai+2 2.0Qashqai+2 2.0 4WDQashqai+2 2.0 4WD CVTQashqai+2 2.0 DieselQashqai+2 2.0 Diesel 4WDQashqai+2 2.0 Diesel 4WD AutomaticQX

R-300 PrototypeR390GT1Rnessa 2.0Rnessa 4WDRnessa GT TurboRogueRogue AWDRooxRoox 4WDRoox Highway Star TurboRoox Highway Star Turbo 4WD

Sabre 160 GXiSabre 200 GXiSafari Diesel EstateSafari Diesel Estate TurboS-CargoSentraSentra 1.8Sentra 1.8 AutomaticSentra 140Sentra 2.0Sentra 2.0 SLSentra 2.0 SRSentra 2.0iSentra CoupeSentra Coupe 16vSentra CVTSentra SE-RSentra SE-R Spec VSentra SRSentra XE AutomaticSerena 1.6i 16vSerena 2.0 16v SGXSerena J-V PackSilviaSilvia 1600 CoupeSilvia 1800 R-L CoupeSilvia 2.0 ZXSilvia 2000 ZSE-XSilvia 2000 ZSE-X AutomaticSilvia 2000 ZSE-X HatchbackSilvia 2000 ZSE-X Hatchback AutomaticSilvia AutomaticSilvia JsSilvia Js AutomaticSilvia Ks Type SSilvia Ks Type S AutomaticSilvia LS CoupeSilvia LS Coupe 5-SpeedSilvia LS-E Type S CoupeSilvia R-L CoupeSilvia RS ExtraSilvia RX-E CoupeSilvia RX-E Coupe AutomaticSilvia spec-RSilvia spec-R AutomaticSilvia spec-SSilvia spec-S AutomaticSilvia TurboSilvia Turbo AutomaticSilvia Turbo KsSilvia Turbo Ks AutomaticSilvia Turbo RS-XSilvia Turbo ZSESilvia Turbo ZSE HatchbackSilvia Turbo ZXSkylineSkyline 1.8Skyline 1.8 AutomaticSkyline 1.8LSkyline 1500 DeluxeSkyline 1500 HardtopSkyline 1500 SedanSkyline 1600 GL VanSkyline 1600 TISkyline 1800 HardtopSkyline 1800 LSkyline 1800 SedanSkyline 1800 TISkyline 1800 TI AutomaticSkyline 1800 TI SedanSkyline 1800 TI-EL SedanSkyline 1800 TI-ES SedanSkyline 1800 TI-EXSkyline 1800 WagonSkyline 1800 Wagon AutomaticSkyline 1800G AutomaticSkyline 2.0 GLSkyline 2.0 GL AutomaticSkyline 2.0 GTSSkyline 2.0 GTS AutomaticSkyline 2.0 SGLiSkyline 2.0 SGLi AutomaticSkyline 2.5i 24vSkyline 2.5i 24v AutomaticSkyline 2.8 GLXSkyline 2.8 GTXSkyline 2.8 SGLi AutomaticSkyline 2000 GT HardtopSkyline 2000 GT Hardtop AutomaticSkyline 2000 GT SedanSkyline 2000 GT Sedan AutomaticSkyline 2000 GT-ESkyline 2000 GT-E AutomaticSkyline 2000 GT-E HardtopSkyline 2000 GT-E Hardtop AutomaticSkyline 2000 GT-ELSkyline 2000 GT-EL Hatchback CoupeSkyline 2000 GT-EL SedanSkyline 2000 GT-EXSkyline 2000 GT-EX HardtopSkyline 2000 GT-EX Hardtop AutomaticSkyline 2000 GT-EX Hatchback CoupeSkyline 2000 GT-EX SedanSkyline 2000 GTS-RSkyline 2000 GTX HardtopSkyline 2000 GTX Hardtop 5-SpeedSkyline 2000 GTX-E HardtopSkyline 2000 GTX-E SedanSkyline 2000 GTX-ES HardtopSkyline 2000 GTX-ES SedanSkyline 2000 RS HardtopSkyline 2000 RS SedanSkyline 2000 Turbo GT-ESkyline 2000 Turbo GT-E AutomaticSkyline 2000 Turbo GT-EX Hatchback CoupeSkyline 2000 Turbo RSSkyline 2000 Turbo RS HardtopSkyline 2000TI-ESkyline 2000TI-E AutomaticSkyline 2000TI-E HardtopSkyline 2000TI-E Hardtop AutomaticSkyline 250 GT SSkyline 250GTSkyline 250GT FOURSkyline 25GTSkyline 25GT CoupeSkyline 25GT Coupe AutomaticSkyline 25GT FOURSkyline 25GT FOUR AutomaticSkyline 25GT FOUR CoupeSkyline 25GT FOUR Coupe AutomaticSkyline 25GT TurboSkyline 25GT Turbo CoupeSkyline 25GT Turbo Coupe AutomaticSkyline 25GT-XSkyline 25GT-X TurboSkyline 25GT-X Turbo AutomaticSkyline 2800 DieselSkyline 2800 Diesel AutomaticSkyline 3.0 SGLiSkyline 3.0 SGLi AutomaticSkyline 300 GTSkyline 350 GT-8Skyline 350GT CoupeSkyline 350GT Coupe AutomaticSkyline 350GT Type PSkyline 350GT Type SPSkyline 370GTSkyline AutechSkyline Coupe 2.5i 24vSkyline Coupe 2.5i 24vmSkyline Coupe 370GTSkyline Coupe GTS25t Type MSkyline Coupe GTS25t Type M AutomaticSkyline Crossover 370GTSkyline Crossover 370GT FourSkyline Estate 1800Skyline Estate 1800 GL AutomaticSkyline Estate 2000 De Luxe DieselSkyline GTSkyline GT AutomaticSkyline GT CoupeSkyline GT Coupe AutomaticSkyline GT-RSkyline GT-R 40th Anniversary AutechSkyline GT-R HardtopSkyline GT-R NISMO 400RSkyline GT-R Spec VSkyline GTSSkyline GTS AutomaticSkyline GTS CoupeSkyline GTS Coupe AutomaticSkyline GTS25Skyline GTS25 CoupeSkyline GTS25 Coupe AutomaticSkyline GTS25 Type SSkyline GTS25 Type S AutomaticSkyline GTS25t Type MSkyline GTS25t Type M AutomaticSkyline GTS-4Skyline GTS-4 AutomaticSkyline GTS-4 CoupeSkyline GTS-4 Coupe AutomaticSkyline GTS-t CoupeSkyline H/T 2000GT-RSkyline Hardtop 2000 RS TurboSkyline Hardtop 2000 Turbo GT-ESkyline Hardtop 2000 Turbo GT-E AutomaticSkyline Hardtop GTS Twin Cam 24V TurboSkyline Hatchback 2800 GT DieselSkyline Hatchback 2800 GT Diesel AutomaticSkyline SportsSkyline Sports ConvertibleS-RVStagea 20 RSStagea 20GStagea 25 RSStagea 25 RS FOURStagea 250 RS FOURStagea 250 RXStagea 250 RX FOURStagea 250t RS FOUR VStagea 25GStagea 25G FOURStagea 25t RS FOUR SStagea 25t RS FOUR VStagea 25t RS VStagea 25XStagea 25X FOURStagea 300 RXStagea 350 RXStagea 350 RX FOURStagea AR-X FOURStagea RS FOURStagea RS FOUR VStanza 1600 LE SedanStanza 1600 LX-GStanza 1800 RXStanza 1800 SGX SedanStanza 1800 Z-EXStanza 1800 Z-GT-EXSunnySunny 1.0Sunny 1.0 EX SaloonSunny 1.0 JXSunny 1.3Sunny 1.3 16vSunny 1.3 EX SaloonSunny 1.3 JXSunny 1.3 LESunny 1.3 Super SaloonSunny 1.4 16vSunny 1.4 EX SaloonSunny 1.4 EX Saloon AutomaticSunny 1.4 JXSunny 1.4 Super SaloonSunny 1.4 Super Saloon AutomaticSunny 1.4i 16vSunny 1.6 EX SaloonSunny 1.6 EX Saloon AutomaticSunny 1.6 LESunny 1.6 Super SaloonSunny 1.6 Super Saloon AutomaticSunny 1300Sunny 1300 AutomaticSunny 1300 CTSunny 1500 4WDSunny 1500 4WD AutomaticSunny 1500 SuperSaloonSunny 1500 SuperSaloon AutomaticSunny 1800 SuperSaloonSunny 305ReSunny 305Re AutomaticSunny 305Re NismoSunny 305Re Nismo AutomaticSunny CVTSunny DieselSunny Diesel CVTSunny Diesel LESunny GTi-RSunny NX Coupe 1600 Type BSunny NX Coupe 1600 Type B AutomaticSunny NX Coupe 1800 Type SSunny NX Coupe 1800 Type S AutomaticSunny Pulsar 1.3Sunny Pulsar 1.6 GSXSunny SGXSunny VZ-RSylphy

Teana 230JMTeana 250JM FourTeana 250XL FourTeana 250XVTeana 350JKTeana 350JMTeana 350XVTerrano 2.7 TurbodieselTerrano 3.0i V6Tiida 1.5 DieselTiida 1.6Tiida 1.6 AutomaticTiida 1.6 XETiida 1.6 XE CVTTiida 1.8Tiida 15MTiida 15M AxisTiida 15M FOUR AxisTiida 15STiida 15S FourTiida 18GTiida GTS 1.6 T XVTiida GTS 1.6 T XV CVTTiida Latio 1.5Tiida Latio 1.5 4WDTiida Latio 1.5 CVTTiida Latio 1.8Tiida Latio 15STiida Latio 15S FOURTiida Saloon 1.5 DieselTiida Saloon 1.6Tiida Saloon 1.6 AutomaticTiida Saloon 1.8Tino 2.0XsTsuru 1.6Tsuru 1.6 Automatic

VeritaVersaVersa AutomaticVersa CVTVersa SedanVersa Sedan AutomaticVersa Sedan CVT

Wingroad 15MWingroad 15M authenticWingroad 15M FOURWingroad 15M FOUR authenticWingroad 15SWingroad 15S FOURWingroad 18GWingroad 18G authenticWingroad RiderWingroad Rider FOURWingroad X Aero

X-TrailX-Trail 2.0X-Trail 2.0 CVTX-Trail 2.0 Turbo DieselX-Trail 2.0 Turbo Diesel AutomaticX-Trail 2.2Di SportX-Trail 2.5X-Trail 2.5 CVTX-Trail AutomaticX-Trail GT

Z Concept

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