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1.8 4WD Turbo Estate1600 DL Estate1600 GFT Hardtop1600 GLF Series 2

360 Young S360-K163

450450 Sports

Alcyone 2.7 VX 4WDAlcyone SVX Version EAlcyone SVX Version LAlcyone VR 1.8 Turbo 4WD AutomaticAlcyone VS 1.8 Turbo

B11S CoupeB9 TribecaBRZBRZ AutomaticBRZ R CoupeBRZ R Coupe AutomaticBRZ RA CoupeBRZ S CoupeBRZ S Coupe AutomaticBRZ Sportshift

Cosworth Impreza CS400Coupe 1.6 GLCoupe 1.8 Turbo 4WDCoupe 1.8 Turbo 4WD AutomaticCoupe 1.8i

Exiga 2.0GTExiga 2.0iExiga 2.0i 4WDExiga 2.0i-LExiga 2.0i-L 4WDExiga 2.0i-SExiga 2.0i-S 4WD

FF-1 1300 GFF-1 1300 G SportsFF-1-A14 StarFleet-XForester 2.0iForester 2.0i CVTForester 2.0XForester 2.0X AutomaticForester 2.0XTForester 2.0XT AutomaticForester 2.5iForester 2.5i CVTForester 2.5XForester 2.5X AutomaticForester 2.5X Limited AutomaticForester 2.5X PremiumForester 2.5X Premium AutomaticForester 2.5X Touring AutomaticForester 2.5XT PremiumForester 2.5XT TouringForester Cross SportsForester Cross Sports 2.0iForester Cross Sports AutomaticForester S/20 typeAForester S/20 typeA AutomaticForester S/tb Type AForester S/tb Type A AutomaticForester STIForester tSForester X20Forester X20 AutomaticForester XTForester XT Automatic

Impreza 1.5Impreza 1.5 AutomaticImpreza 1.5 CFImpreza 1.5 CF 4WDImpreza 1.5 CS ExtraImpreza 1.5 CS Extra 4WDImpreza 1.5 CS Extra 4WD AutomaticImpreza 1.5 CS Extra AutomaticImpreza 1.5 SXImpreza 1.5 SX AutomaticImpreza 1.5iImpreza 1.5i 4WDImpreza 1.5i 4WD AutomaticImpreza 1.5i AutomaticImpreza 1.6Impreza 1.6 AutomaticImpreza 1.6 GLImpreza 1.6 TSImpreza 1.8Impreza 1.8 AutomaticImpreza 1.8 GLImpreza 15SImpreza 15S AutomaticImpreza 15S AWDImpreza 15S AWD AutomaticImpreza 2.0 4WD TurboImpreza 2.0 GLImpreza 2.0 GL AutomaticImpreza 2.0 GXImpreza 2.0 GX AutomaticImpreza 2.0 WRXImpreza 2.0 WRX Sports WagonImpreza 2.0DImpreza 2.0RImpreza 2.0R AutomaticImpreza 2.5 RSImpreza 2.5 RS AutomaticImpreza 2.5 RS Sport WagonImpreza 2.5 RS Sport Wagon AutomaticImpreza 2.5 WRX STi Type UKImpreza 2.5iImpreza 2.5i AutomaticImpreza 2.5i SedanImpreza 2.5i Sedan AutomaticImpreza 2.5RS CoupeImpreza 2.5RS Coupe AutomaticImpreza 20SImpreza 22B STiImpreza Anesis 1.5iImpreza Anesis 1.5i 4WDImpreza Anesis 2.0iImpreza Anesis 2.0i 4WDImpreza Casa BlancaImpreza Casa Blanca 4WDImpreza G4 1.6iImpreza G4 1.6i AWDImpreza G4 1.6i AWD CVTImpreza G4 2.0iImpreza G4 2.0i AWDImpreza GB270Impreza GB270 Sports WagonImpreza HX-20SImpreza HX-20S AutomaticImpreza Outback SportImpreza Outback Sport AutomaticImpreza P1Impreza RB320Impreza S201 STiImpreza S202 STiImpreza S-GTImpreza S-GT AutomaticImpreza Sport 1.6iImpreza Sport 1.6i AWDImpreza Sport 1.6i AWD CVTImpreza Sport 2.0iImpreza Sport 2.0i AWDImpreza Sport Wagon 2.5iImpreza Sport Wagon 2.5i AutomaticImpreza Sport Wagon WRXImpreza Sport Wagon WRX AutomaticImpreza Sports Wagon 1.6Impreza Sports Wagon 1.6 AutomaticImpreza Sports Wagon 1.8Impreza Sports Wagon 1.8 AutomaticImpreza Sports Wagon 2.0RImpreza Sports Wagon 2.0R AutomaticImpreza Sportwagon 1.5iImpreza Sportwagon 1.5i 4WDImpreza Sportwagon 1.5i 4WD AutomaticImpreza Sportwagon 1.5i AutomaticImpreza Sportwagon 1.5i-SImpreza Sportwagon 1.5i-S 4WDImpreza Sportwagon 1.5i-S 4WD AutomaticImpreza Sportwagon 1.5i-S AutomaticImpreza STI S203Impreza STi S204Impreza Turbo 2000 RB5Impreza Type Euro 20KImpreza Type Euro 20K AutomaticImpreza Type Euro 20NImpreza Type Euro 20N AutomaticImpreza Type Euro Is sportImpreza Wagon 1.5 CzImpreza Wagon 1.5 Cz 4WDImpreza Wagon 1.5 Cz 4WD AutomaticImpreza Wagon 1.5 Cz AutomaticImpreza Wagon 1.8 GBImpreza Wagon 1.8 GB 4WDImpreza Wagon 1.8 GB 4WD AutomaticImpreza Wagon 1.8 GB AutomaticImpreza Wagon 2.0 GXImpreza Wagon 2.0 GX AutomaticImpreza Wagon HX-20SImpreza Wagon HX-20S AutomaticImpreza Wagon WRXImpreza Wagon WRX AutomaticImpreza Wagon WRX STi Version IIImpreza Wagon WRX STi Version IIIImpreza Wagon WRX STI Version VIImpreza WR1Impreza WRXImpreza WRX AutomaticImpreza WRX SedanImpreza WRX Sedan AutomaticImpreza WRX Sport WagonImpreza WRX Sport Wagon AutomaticImpreza WRX Sports WagonImpreza WRX SportwagonImpreza WRX Sportwagon AutomaticImpreza WRX STIImpreza WRX STI A-Line tSImpreza WRX STI R205Impreza WRX STi S206Impreza WRX STI SedanImpreza WRX STi spec CImpreza WRX STI spec C Type RA 2005Impreza WRX STI spec C Type RA-RImpreza WRX STI tSImpreza WRX STI Type R Version VIImpreza WRX STi type RA spec CImpreza WRX STI Type RA Version VIImpreza WRX STI Type RA Version VI LimitedImpreza WRX STI Type UKImpreza WRX STi Version IIImpreza WRX STi Version IIIImpreza WRX STI Version VIImpreza WRX Type RAImpreza WRX Type RA STi Version IIImpreza WRX Type RA STi Version IIIImpreza WRX UK300

JusminJustyJusty 1.2Justy 1.2 AutomaticJusty 1000Justy G3X 1.3Justy G3X 1.5

Legacy 1.8Legacy 1.8 4WDLegacy 1.8 4WD AutomaticLegacy 1.8 AutomaticLegacy 1.8 GL 4WDLegacy 1.8 GL EstateLegacy 2.0 4WDLegacy 2.0 4WD AutomaticLegacy 2.0 RSLegacy 2.0 TurboLegacy 2.0 Turbo EstateLegacy 2.0 VZLegacy 2.0 VZ AutomaticLegacy 2.0DLegacy 2.0RLegacy 2.0R AutomaticLegacy 2.0R CVTLegacy 2.2 GLX 4WDLegacy 2.2 GX EstateLegacy 2.2 Turbo SportLegacy 2.5 GTLegacy 2.5 GT AutomaticLegacy 2.5 GT WagonLegacy 2.5 GT Wagon AutomaticLegacy 2.5GT LimitedLegacy 2.5GT Limited AutomaticLegacy 2.5GT spec.BLegacy 2.5iLegacy 2.5i AutomaticLegacy 2.5i CVTLegacy 3.0RLegacy 3.0R Sports TourerLegacy 3.6RLegacy B4 2.0GTLegacy B4 2.0GT AutomaticLegacy B4 2.0GT DITLegacy B4 2.0GT spec.BLegacy B4 2.0GT spec.B AutomaticLegacy B4 2.0iLegacy B4 2.0RLegacy B4 2.0R AutomaticLegacy B4 2.5GTLegacy B4 2.5GT AutomaticLegacy B4 2.5iLegacy B4 3.0RLegacy B4 3.0R spec.BLegacy B4 3.0R spec.B AutomaticLegacy B4 RS25Legacy B4 RS30Legacy B4 RSKLegacy B4 RSK AutomaticLegacy B4 RStypeBLegacy B4 RStypeB AutomaticLegacy B4 S402Legacy B4 STILegacy B4 STI AutomaticLegacy GT30Legacy Kombi 2.0DLegacy Kombi 2.0iLegacy Kombi 2.0i CVTLegacy LLegacy L AutomaticLegacy L WagonLegacy L Wagon AutomaticLegacy Lancaster 2.5Legacy Lancaster 2.5 AutomaticLegacy Lancaster 3.0Legacy Outback 2.0DLegacy Outback 2.5 XTLegacy Outback 2.5iLegacy Outback 2.5i AutomaticLegacy Outback 3.0RLegacy Outback 3.0R SI-CruiseLegacy Outback 3.6RLegacy Sports Tourer 2.0RLegacy Sports Tourer 2.0R AutomaticLegacy Sports Tourer 2.5iLegacy Sports Tourer 2.5i AutomaticLegacy STI S401Legacy Touring Wagon 2.0GTLegacy Touring Wagon 2.0GT AutomaticLegacy Touring Wagon 2.0GT DITLegacy Touring Wagon 2.0GT spec.BLegacy Touring Wagon 2.0GT spec.B AutomaticLegacy Touring Wagon 2.0iLegacy Touring Wagon 2.0RLegacy Touring Wagon 2.0R AutomaticLegacy Touring Wagon 2.5GTLegacy Touring Wagon 2.5GT AutomaticLegacy Touring Wagon 2.5iLegacy Touring Wagon 3.0RLegacy Touring Wagon 3.0R spec.BLegacy Touring Wagon 3.0R spec.B AutomaticLegacy Touring Wagon B4 STILegacy Touring Wagon B4 STI AutomaticLegacy Touringwagon 250SLegacy Touringwagon BrightonLegacy Touringwagon GT-B E-tune IILegacy Touringwagon GT-B E-tune II AutomaticLegacy Touringwagon TStypeRLegacy Touringwagon TStypeR AutomaticLegacy Touringwagon TXLegacy Wagon 1.8Legacy Wagon 1.8 AutomaticLegacy Wagon 2.0 GT Turbo AutomaticLegacy Wagon 2.0 TZLegacy Wagon 2.0 TZ AutomaticLegacy Wagon 2.0 VZLegacy Wagon 2.0 VZ Air SuspensionLegacy Wagon 2.0 VZ Air Suspension AutomaticLegacy Wagon 2.0 VZ AutomaticLegacy Wagon S402Leone 1.3 SedanLeone 1.6 SedanLeone 1.6 Station WagonLeone 1.8 SedanLeone 1.8 Sedan 4WDLeone 1.8 Sedan AutomaticLeone 1.8 Station WagonLeone 1.8 Station Wagon 4WDLeone 1.8 Station Wagon AutomaticLeone 1400 Standard SaloonLeone 1400 Station WagonLeone 1600 STLeone GL CoupeLeone GSR Coupe


Outback 2.0DOutback 2.5Outback H6-30

Pleo APleo A 4WDPleo A 4WD CVTPleo A CVTPleo Plus EPleo Plus FPleo Plus FAPleo Plus GPleo Plus GAPleo Plus LPleo Plus LA

R1 iR1 i AWDR-2R2 IR2 I AWDR2 I AWD CVTR2 I CVTR2 RR2 R AWDR2 R AWD CVTR2 R CVTR2 SR2 S AWDR-2 SSRexRex Combi 4WDRex Combi Super ChargerRex Combi Super Charger ECVTRex Combi TurboRex Combi Turbo 4WDRex SERex Turbo

SAGRESStella Custom RSStella Custom RS AWDStella LStella L AWDStreegaSVX


VivioVivio 4WDVivio GLiVivio GLi CVTVivio GXVivio GX 4WDVivio GX-RVivio RX-RVivio RX-R 4WDVivio RX-SS 4WD


XT Coupe 1.8XT-6XV 2.0dXV 2.0iXV 2.0i Automatic

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