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Aerio GAerio G AutomaticAerio XAerio X AutomaticAltoAlto 12vAlto 30 Year AnniversaryAlto 30 Year Anniversary 4WDAlto 30 Year Anniversary 4WD AutomaticAlto 30 Year Anniversary AutomaticAlto 4WDAlto 4WD CVTAlto 660Alto 660 12vAlto 660 12v AutomaticAlto 660 AutomaticAlto AutomaticAlto CVTAlto GLAAlto Turbo 12vAlto Twincam RS-RAlto WorksAlto Works RS/RAlto Works RS/XAlto Works TurboAlto Works Turbo 4WDAlto Works Twincam RS-R

Baleno 1.3 GLBaleno 1.3 GL AutomaticBaleno 1.3 GL HatchbackBaleno 1.3 GL Hatchback AutomaticBaleno 1.6 GLXBaleno 1.6 GLX AutomaticBaleno 1.6 GS HatchbackBaleno 1.8 GTXBaleno 1.8 GTX AutomaticBaleno Wagon 1.8 GLXBaleno Wagon 1.8 GLX AutomaticBanditBandit 4WD

C2CappuccinoCappuccino AutomaticCelerioCelerio AGSCelerio EASSCervo GCervo G 4WDCervo TCervo T 4WDCovieCultus 1000 GACultus 1000 GCCultus 1000 GECultus 1000 GLCultus 1000 GUCultus 1000 Turbo GLCultus 1300 GCCultus 1300 GL

ErtigaEscudoEscudo AutomaticEsteem GLXEV-sport

Fronte 360Fronte 800Fronte Coupe GER

Grand VitaraGrand Vitara 1.6Grand Vitara 1.9 DDSGrand Vitara 2.0Grand Vitara 2.0 AutomaticGrand Vitara 2.4Grand Vitara 2.4 AutomaticGrand Vitara 2.5 V6Grand Vitara AutomaticGrand Vitara X30 1.9 DDSGSX-R/4

Hayabusa Sport Prototype

IgnisIgnis 1.3Ignis 1.5Ignis 1.5 4x4Ignis 1.5 AutomaticIgnis 4WDIgnis AutomaticIgnis DDiSIgnis Sport

Jimny SierraJimny Sierra AutomaticJimny XCJimny XC AutomaticJimny XGJimny XG Automatic

Karimun EstiloKei AKei A AutomaticKei B TurboKei B Turbo 4WDKei B Turbo 4WD AutomaticKei B Turbo AutomaticKei SportKei Sport FKei Sport RKei WorksKei Works 4WDKei Works 4WD AutomaticKei Works AutomaticKizashiKizashi 4WDKizashi CVT

LapinLapin 4WDLapin SSLapin TLapin T 4WDLapin X SelectionLapin X Selection 4WDLiana 1.3Liana 1.3 SedanLiana 1.6Liana 1.6 4WDLiana 1.6 4WD AutomaticLiana 1.6 AutomaticLiana 1.6 SedanLiana 1.6 Sedan 4WDLiana 1.6 Sedan 4WD AutomaticLiana 1.6 Sedan Automatic

Mighty Boy PS-AMighty Boy PS-LMighty Boy PS-QL

RenoReno AutomaticRS/1

Samurai 1.3i Passo LungoSC100 GXSplashSplash 1.0Splash 1.0LSplash 1.2Splash 1.2 AutomaticSplash 1.2LSplash 1.2L AutomaticSplash 1.3L DDiSSuzulight 360 TLSwiftSwift 1.0 GLXSwift 1.0 GLX AutomaticSwift 1.2Swift 1.2 4x4Swift 1.2 AutomaticSwift 1.2 Start/StoppSwift 1.3 DDiSSwift 1.3 DDiS Start/StoppSwift 1.3 GLSwift 1.3 GLX SedanSwift 1.3 GLX Sedan AutomaticSwift 1.3i 16vSwift 1.3i Cabriolet GSSwift 1.5 GLXSwift 1.5 GLX AutomaticSwift 1.6 GLX 4WDSwift 1300Swift 1300 4x4Swift 1300 DDiSSwift 1500 AutomaticSwift AutomaticSwift DZire 1.3Swift DZire DDiSSwift GTiSwift RSSwift RS 4WDSwift RS CVTSwift SESwift SportSwift Sport AutomaticSwift Sport CVTSwift XGSwift XG 4WDSwift XG Aero 1.2Swift XG Aero 1.3Swift XG Aero 1.3 4WDSwift XG Aero 1.3 4WD AutomaticSwift XG CVTSX4 1.5SX4 1.6SX4 1.6 AutomaticSX4 1.6 i-AWDSX4 1.6 SaloonSX4 1.6 Saloon AutomaticSX4 1.6 VVTSX4 1.6 VVT 4WDSX4 1.6 VVT AutomaticSX4 1.9 DDiSSX4 1.9 DDiS 4WDSX4 2.0SX4 2.0 AutomaticSX4 2.0 AWDSX4 2.0 AWD AutomaticSX4 2.0 DDiSSX4 2.0 DDiS i-AWDSX4 2.0 SedanSX4 2.0 Sedan AutomaticSX4 SaloonSX4 Sedan

TwinTwin Automatic

Vitara 1.6i 16v JLXVitara 1.6i JLXVitara JLX

Wagon R+ 1.0 GAWagon R+ 1.2 GL 4WDWagon R+ 1.2 GLXWagon R+ 1.2 GLX AutomaticWagonR FXWagonR FX 4WDWagonR Stingray TWagonR Stingray T 4WDWagonR Stingray XWagonR Stingray X 4WDWorks ieWorks ie 4WDWorks ie 4WD AutomaticWorks ie AutomaticWorks RS/ZWorks RS/Z 4WDWorks RS/Z Automatic


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