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122122 S123 GT142 Grand Luxe Saloon142 Grand Luxe Saloon Automatic142 S De Luxe Saloon142 Saloon144144 Grand Luxe144 S1500 California164164 E1800 E1800 S

240 DL240 DL Automatic240 DL Station Wagon240 DL Station Wagon Automatic240 GLE Station Wagon240 GLT240 Sedan240 Sedan Automatic240 Turbo240 Wagon240 Wagon Automatic242 GT244 DL244 DL D6244 DL D6 Estate244 GL244 GL Automatic244 GL D5 Estate244 GLE244 GLE Automatic244 GLT245 DL Estate245 GL D5245 GLE Estate245 GLE Estate Automatic262 C Coupe264 DL264 GL264 GL Automatic264 GLE264 TE265 GL Estate265 GLE Station Wagon

343343 Automatic360360 GLE360 Sedan

440 1.6i440 2.0i GLT440 GLE440 GLTi440 Turbo460 1.6i460 2.0i GLE460 GL460 Turbo480 2.0i ES480 ES480 Turbo480i S

66 DL66 DL Station Wagon66 GL66 GL Station Wagon

740 Diesel740 GL740 GLE740 GLT 16v740 Turbo760 GLE760 Turbo760 Turbo Diesel780 Coupe Turbo780 Coupe Turbo 16v780 Coupe V6780 Turbodiesel

850850 2.0 10v850 2.0 10v Automatic850 2.5 10v850 2.5 10v Automatic850 AWD850 Estate 2.0 10v850 Estate 2.0 10v Automatic850 Estate 2.5 10v850 Estate 2.5 10v Automatic850 Estate TDI850 Estate TDI Automatic850 GLT850 GLT Automatic850 GLT Wagon850 GLT Wagon Automatic850 R850 R Automatic850 R Estate850 R Estate Automatic850 Station Wagon T5 2.0850 Station Wagon T5 2.0 Automatic850 T5850 T5 2.0850 T5 2.0 Automatic850 T5-R Estate850 TDI850 TDI Automatic850 Turbo850 Turbo Automatic850 Wagon850 Wagon Automatic850 Wagon Turbo850 Wagon Turbo Automatic

940940 2.3i940 2.3i Automatic940 Estate 2.3i940 Estate 2.3i Automatic940 Estate Sports Edition940 Estate Sports Edition Automatic940 GLE940 GLE 16v940 S940 SE Turbo940 TD940 Turbo940 Turbo Wagon940 Wagon960960 2.0i Turbo960 2.5 24V960 2.5 24V Automatic960 3.0 24v960 Automatic960 Estate 2.5 24V960 Estate 2.5 24V Automatic960 Station Wagon 2.0i Turbo960 Wagon Automatic

C30 1.6C30 1.6 D DRIVeC30 1.6 D DRIVe Start/StopC30 2.0C30 2.0 AutomaticC30 2.0 DC30 2.0 D AutomaticC30 2.4iC30 2.4i AutomaticC30 ConceptC30 D5C30 D5 AutomaticC30 SportsCoupe 1.6C30 SportsCoupe 1.6DC30 SportsCoupe 1.8C30 SportsCoupe 2.0C30 SportsCoupe 2.0 AutomaticC30 SportsCoupe 2.0DC30 SportsCoupe 2.0D AutomaticC30 SportsCoupe 2.4iC30 SportsCoupe 2.4i AutomaticC30 SportsCoupe D5C30 SportsCoupe D5 ManualC30 SportsCoupe T5C30 SportsCoupe T5 AutomaticC30 SportsCoupe T5 GeartronicC30 T5C30 T5 AutomaticC70 2.0DC70 2.0D AutomaticC70 2.4C70 2.4 AutomaticC70 2.4iC70 2.4i AutomaticC70 2.4i GeartronicC70 2.4T ConvertibleC70 2.4T Convertible AutomaticC70 ConvertibleC70 Convertible 2.0TC70 Convertible 2.0T AutomaticC70 Convertible AutomaticC70 CoupeC70 Coupe 2.0TC70 Coupe 2.0T AutomaticC70 Coupe AutomaticC70 D3C70 D3 AutomaticC70 D4C70 D4 AutomaticC70 D5C70 D5 AutomaticC70 T5C70 T5 AutomaticC70 T5 ConvertibleC70 T5 Convertible AutomaticC70 T5 CoupeC70 T5 Coupe AutomaticC70 T5 Geartronic

P1800PV 444PV 544PV 544 SportPV 60PV 801

S40 1.6S40 1.6 DS40 1.8S40 1.8 AutomaticS40 1.8 GeartronicS40 1.8 SES40 1.8F (Ethanol mode)S40 1.8F (Petrol mode)S40 1.8iS40 1.9DS40 2.0S40 2.0 AutomaticS40 2.0 DS40 2.0 D AutomaticS40 2.0 TurboS40 2.0 Turbo AutomaticS40 2.0DS40 2.4S40 2.4 AutomaticS40 2.4 T5S40 2.4 T5 AutomaticS40 2.4iS40 2.4i AutomaticS40 D5S40 D5 AutomaticS40 T4S40 T4 AutomaticS40 T5S40 T5 AutomaticS40 T5 AWDS40 T5 AWD AutomaticS60 2.0TS60 2.0T AutomaticS60 2.4S60 2.4 AutomaticS60 2.4 Bi-Fuel CNGS60 2.4 Bi-Fuel CNG AutomaticS60 2.4 Bi-Fuel LPGS60 2.4 Bi-Fuel LPG AutomaticS60 2.4DS60 2.4D AutomaticS60 2.4TS60 2.4T AutomaticS60 2.5TS60 2.5T AutomaticS60 2.5T AWDS60 2.5T AWD AutomaticS60 AWDS60 AWD AutomaticS60 D2S60 D2 AutomaticS60 D3S60 D3 AutomaticS60 D4S60 D4 AutomaticS60 D4 Automatic Start/StopS60 D5S60 D5 AutomaticS60 D5 AWDS60 DRIVeS60 RS60 R AutomaticS60 T3S60 T3 AutomaticS60 T4S60 T4 AutomaticS60 T4FS60 T4F AutomaticS60 T5S60 T5 AutomaticS60 T5 AWDS60 T6S70 2.0S70 2.0 AutomaticS70 2.4S70 2.4 20vS70 2.4 AutomaticS70 2.4TS70 2.4T AutomaticS70 2.5 TDIS70 2.5 TDI AutomaticS70 RS70 R AutomaticS70 T5S70 T5 AutomaticS80S80 2.0S80 2.0 DS80 2.0TS80 2.0T AutomaticS80 2.4S80 2.4 AutomaticS80 2.4DS80 2.4D AutomaticS80 2.4D GeartronicS80 2.4TS80 2.4T AutomaticS80 2.5DS80 2.5D AutomaticS80 2.5TS80 2.5T AutomaticS80 2.5T AWDS80 2.5T GeartronicS80 3.2S80 3.2 AWDS80 3.2 PZEVS80 4.4 V8S80 AutomaticS80 D2S80 D2 AutomaticS80 D3S80 D3 AutomaticS80 D3 Automatic Start/StopS80 D5S80 D5 AutomaticS80 D5 Automatic AWDS80 D5 AWDS80 D5 AWD GeartronicS80 D5 GeartronicS80 DRIVeS80 T4S80 T4 AutomaticS80 T4FS80 T4F AutomaticS80 T4F FlexiFluelS80 T4F FlexiFluel AutomaticS80 T5S80 T5 AutomaticS80 T6S80L 2.0TS80L 2.5TS80L T6S90 3.0S90 3.0 AutomaticS90 3.0 Executive

V4V40 1.6V40 1.8V40 1.8 AutomaticV40 1.8iV40 1.9DV40 2.0V40 2.0 AutomaticV40 2.0TV40 2.0T AutomaticV40 D2V40 D3V40 D3 AutomaticV40 D4V40 D4 AutomaticV40 T3V40 T4V40 T4 AutomaticV40 T5V50 1.6V50 1.6 DV50 1.6 D2V50 1.6D DRIVeV50 1.8V50 1.8 GeartronicV50 1.8F (Ethanol mode)V50 1.8F (Petrol mode)V50 2.0V50 2.0 DV50 2.0 D AutomaticV50 2.0DV50 2.4V50 2.4 AutomaticV50 2.4iV50 2.4i AutomaticV50 D3V50 D3 AutomaticV50 D4V50 D4 AutomaticV50 D5V50 D5 AutomaticV50 T5V50 T5 AutomaticV50 T5 AWDV50 T5 AWD AutomaticV60 2.0TV60 2.0T AutomaticV60 D2V60 D2 AutomaticV60 D3V60 D3 AutomaticV60 D4V60 D4 AutomaticV60 D4 Automatic Start/StopV60 D4 AWDV60 D5V60 D5 AutomaticV60 D5 AWDV60 D5 AWD AutomaticV60 DRIVeV60 T3V60 T3 AutomaticV60 T4V60 T4 AutomaticV60 T4FV60 T4F AutomaticV60 T5V60 T5 AutomaticV60 T6V70 2.0TV70 2.0T AutomaticV70 2.4V70 2.4 AutomaticV70 2.4DV70 2.4D AutomaticV70 2.4D GeartronicV70 2.5 LPTV70 2.5FTV70 2.5FT AutomaticV70 2.5TV70 2.5T AutomaticV70 2.5T AWDV70 2.5T AWD AutomaticV70 2.5T GeartronicV70 3.2V70 3.2 AWDV70 3.2 GeartronicV70 Cross CountryV70 D2V70 D2 AutomaticV70 D3V70 D3 AutomaticV70 D4V70 D4 AutomaticV70 D4 Automatic Start/StopV70 D4 AWDV70 D5V70 D5 AutomaticV70 D5 Automatic AutomaticV70 D5 AWDV70 D5 AWD AutomaticV70 D5 GeartronicV70 DRIVeV70 RV70 R AutomaticV70 T4V70 T4 AutomaticV70 T4FV70 T4F AutomaticV70 T5V70 T5 AutomaticV70 T6V70 T6 AWD Geartronic

XC60 2.4 DXC60 2.4 D AutomaticXC60 3.2XC60 3.2 AWDXC60 D3XC60 D3 AutomaticXC60 D4XC60 D4 AutomaticXC60 D4 AWDXC60 D4 AWD AutomaticXC60 D5XC60 D5 AutomaticXC60 T5XC60 T6XC70XC70 3.2XC70 3.2 AWDXC70 3.2 GeartronicXC70 D4XC70 D4 AutomaticXC70 D4 AWDXC70 D4 AWD AutomaticXC70 D5XC70 D5 AWDXC70 D5 AWD AutomaticXC70 D5 GeartronicXC70 T6XC70 TurbodieselXC90 2.5TXC90 D5XC90 T6

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