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Car And Deep Cycle Battery

Frequently Asked Questions


The best way to start your car if the battery is flat is with Jumper cables. These are heavy duty cables which carry the current being produced from a healthy car to your battery so that it can start your car. Connect the jumper cables one at a time being careful not to touch any metal parts of your car (or the other lead). Connect positive to positive and negative to negative. The healthy car should then rev the engine and allow about 10 seconds before your first attempt. Usually you should be able to start the engine within a short time but if the turning of the engine seems slow then wait longer before tries. As you try to turn the engine over the healthy car should be revving the engine (Not excessively, just around 2000-3000 rpm). I there is nobody to help or no-one has jump leads then you can phone a Taxi and request for one with jump leads.

Bump starting

This can only be done with manual transmission and not an automatic.

Step 1. Get a few healthy lads to give you a push.
Step 2. Turn on the cars ignition and put the car into second gear.
Step 3. Make sure your handbrake is off and remove your foot off the foot brake.
Step 4. Making sure that your foot is on the clutch ask you helpers to start pushing.
Step 5. As the car reaches the fastest speed that you expect it to reach quickly lift your clutch pedal and press the accelerator slightly.
Step 6. If the car does not start then repeat these steps until exhausted. Then call a mechanic.

CARS WITH CATALYTIC CONVERTERS. Engine misfiring or bump starting can result in unburnt fuel being released into the CAT which then burns and causes sintering or meltdown of the ceramic monolith. However, jump starting using jump leads is permissible.

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