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Speeding Fines

This table shows the basic fines you can expect to get for each offence but note that as from December 2004 each case will be looked at individually and assesed for weather conditions, road conditions time of day etc.

Speeding Offence Fine Costs Penalty Points
up to 15mph over the posted limit 44 30 3
16mph to 25mph over the posted limit 45-100 30 4
26mph to 35mph over the posted limit 45-200 30 5-6
36mph or more over the posted limit 67-300 30 Ban 1 month to 12 months

Does the Threat of Disqualification Deter Drivers from Speeding?

Association of Chief Police Officers Guidelines

Below is a table of the current guidelines given to the ACPO but there are new proposals for changes to some of these figures.

Limit Fixed Penalty Summons
20 mph 25 mph 35 mph
30 mph 35 mph 50 mph
40 mph 46 mph 66 mph
50 mph 57 mph 76 mph
60 mph 68 mph 86 mph
70 mph 79 mph 96 mph
A police officer can issue an on the spot fine of £60 and 3 penalty points whereas a GATSO speed camera means a court summons and any further offences caught on another GATSO Camera can be added together even if up to the point of getting 12 points which if received within a three year period means an automatic disqualification and a TT99 endorsement on your license.

Endorsements remain on your licence for:

• 11 years from date of conviction for offences relating to drink/drugs and driving, causing death by careless driving whilst under the influence of drink/drugs and causing death by careless driving then failing to provide a specimen for analysis.
• 4 years from date of conviction for reckless/dangerous driving and offences resulting in disqualification.
• 4 years from the date of offence in all other cases

SP codes that will appear on your licence after endorsement(s)
SP Code Offence
SP10 Exceeding goods vehicle speed limits
SP20 Exceeding speed limit for type of vehicle (excluding goods or passenger vehicles)
SP30 Exceeding statutory speed limit on a public road
SP40 Exceeding passenger vehicle speed limit
SP50 Exceeding speed limit on a motorway
SP60 Undefined speed limit offence
When endoresements expire you can have them removed from your licence by getting the D1 application form from your post office

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