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Check a Car

Check Specifications

Car SpecificationsIf you're interested in a particular make and/or model of car and want to know what specifications you can expect to find. This search tool lets you search by car type (small family through to M.P.V.s)

Check Tyres

Check TyresA vital part of safe driving, is a legal set of tyres. If you have your car regularly serviced, the garage should tell you when it's time to change your tyres. For your own peace of mind, our 'Check Tyres' section gives you the correct tyre pressures for each make of car. There are also useful tips about tyre maintenance to prolong the life of yours. Tyres are expensive, but the fine for getting caught with a faulty one is 2500 per tyre

Check Brake Fluid

Check brake fluid levelsFind out how Brake Fluid works and how they are rated.

Check Brakes

Check BrakesBrakes are vital - any loss in effectiveness or response should be checked immediately. Checking at each service will help minimise any risk of faults developing. Brake chatter, drag, rattle excessive pedal travel etc. we tell you the cause.

Check Suspension

SuspensionHow to do an easy suspension check or further examination.

Check Bodywork

Car BodyworkThere's nothing more aging on a car than signs of rust or paintwork that's become dull and scratched. Our tips will help preserve your car's bodywork and keep it looking good for longer. Also, we highlight the vulnerable areas, were damage can occur and may have been retouched.

Check Oil

Check OilThe purpose engine oil serves in the smooth running or your vehicle: lubricating, sealing, cooling and cleaning. See what type of oil you should use for your car.

Check Engine

Check EngineUnderstanding those things under the bonnet! Checking the engine oil level and other top ups that may be required. Identifying problems early, if your car develops any unusual knocking or rattling noises.

Check Security

Security CheckBasic precautions to keep your car safe and deter thieves from targeting your pride and joy. There's a lot that can be done to reduce the risks and our list of do's and don'ts can help.

Check Safety

Safety CheckLots of good advice about safe stopping distances for day and night driving. Mobile phone hazards and results from car tests - has your car been tested? How safe would it be if you had a crash.

Check Battery

Car BatteryThe biggest single cause for the dreaded non starting engine! Especially in colder weather! Keep an eye on yours, with our helpful tips. If you have to resort to a jump lead start, it's time to get a new battery or find out why it isn't charging - the problem won't just go away.

Check History

Check Car historyOur useful list of items to check before you buy, will help avoid some of the pitfalls. Look at the different options of buying from a dealer, privately, at auction and over the internet

Check Transmission Fluids:

Transmission FluidsSomething many people never think about, until a fault develops. The automatic transmission fluid and filter should be changed every two to three years or 24,000 to 36,000 miles. Find out about the important function of the ATF.

Check Transmission:

Check TransmissionAutomatic transmissions fail in as many ways as there are car models. In contrast, there are only a few reasons why anyone needs automatic transmission repair. I break it down into four major categories: neglect, abuse, design flaws, and normal wear and tear.

Check Coolant

Check CoolantThe most commonly overlooked job in car maintenance is failing to top up the coolant and add antifreeze. Don't wait until the weather has turned really cold, before preparing properly for the winter freeze. Find out how to flush your system and add antifreeze.

Check Steering

Check SteeringIf your steering isn't responding the way you think it should - have look at our diagnostic chart and see what the possible cause could be.

Check Registration

Registration PlatesAll you need to know about car number plates, giving the years of registration and the letters that show where it was first registered.

Check Emissions

Check EmissionsReduce your emissions and do your bit for the environment. This section has hints for keeping your CO2 emissions and fuel consumption down. Check your car's rating here.

Before you buy

Before you buyClick for our guide to buying a used car. Search under the make and model you're interested in and see how it's been rated for reliability, problems etc.

Check MOT

MOT CheckFind your nearest UK MOT Test Centre - just enter the town or post code. If you are a garage or MOT Station, make sure you're listed, if not apply now.

Live Traffic Info

Highways AgencyPlanning a trip? Don't get caught in long delays - check out our Live Traffic Information - updated in real-time and avoid the trouble spots.

Check Directions

Check DirectionsSat Nav isn't everyone's favourite toy - if you prefer to map our your route in advance and need to know how to get from A to B, just enter your starting town or post code and your destination, then you will see full directions and a map view.

Check Fuel Costs:

Fuel CostsBuying your next car is an ideal opportunity to save on fuel costs, by putting some research into which cars are the most economical/ fuel efficient. It follows that the larger the car the more fuel it will use - check a car for fuel consumption with our handy selector. Work out your m.p.g. (miles per gallon).

You'll be glad you did...

Everything you need to know about cars, to help you steer clear of problems and keep your vehicle on the road. There's lots of information to guide you through the technical jargon and sign post the way to saving money.

You can dip in and out of the topics that interest you or get a bit of background information, so you know when a garage is talking sense or trying to reinvent the wheel!

In today's tough economic climate and 'yo-yo' fuel prices, our top ten tips on saving fuel are a great place to start your journey round the site. For example; did you know that the air conditioning in your car can increase fuel consumption by up to 20%?

New v Used

More and more people are saving money by buying a used car. The resale value of a new car drops by just by driving it off the car forecourt and heading down the road! At the end of the first year an average new car will have lost up to 40% of it value (depending on make/ model). By the end of the third year, it could have lost around 60% of its value. Many new cars carry a 3-year parts and labour or mileage warranty, after this, faults can develop, and wear and tear mean parts will need replacing from time to time.

So now, more than ever when you're considering buying a used car, the importance of running checks can save you unnecessary headaches and extra expense later on.

Avoid buying blind

A letter from a customer Mr R. who wished he'd found 'Check That Car' sooner, bought an 8-year old diesel car at auction and by the next day a cloud of choking grey/white smoke left a vapour trail the Red Arrows would have been proud of! He put it straight back into auction and lost money on the transaction. Someone else further down the food chain probably bought it next, and eventually the car could cause an accident or be scrapped for spare parts.

Another customer Mr C. emailed us, who had bought a car at auction and it was such a dud it didn't even make the trip home. He called out his breakdown service, who took it to his garage for the bad news! It needed a new engine, costing the best part of 800. He picked himself up off the floor and asked us to help. He was one of the lucky ones - on the photos he sent us, we could just make out the auction notice on the windscreen that stated the car was in working order and all parts were of a serviceable condition. As this clearly wasn't the case, we advised him to take it up with the Lease Hire Company that had been selling their fleet through the auction. It took a while, but eventually they agreed to pay for the engine as a 'gesture of goodwill' and 'no admission of liability'.

So, all things considered, the more information you can glean about the car you've got your eye on, the better. We're sure 'Check That Car' will get you geared up to make the right decision.

Whether you're looking for information about checking your tyres, registration, car history, fuel costs or directions, it's all here for you.

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