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Car Data and HPI Check Comparisions

Type of
Car Check Auto Check HPI Check AA Car Data Check RAC Vehicle history report Vehicle Check Car Status Check
Basic Description
Keeper change date
Previous Owners
Engine Details Check
Stolen Check
Finance Check
Write-off Check
Export Check
Import Check
Scrapped Check
Car Data Check
Risk Alert Check
Mileage Check
Valuation Check
Police Interest
Plate Transfer
Date Registered
Colour Change
Engine No Check
Chassis No /
VIN No Check
Multiple Check
5000 30,000 10,000 10,000 10,000 15,000 10,000
By Telephone
By Internet
Editors Rating
14.95 19.99 19.95 19.99 15.50 19.99 11.99

Why Data Check?

So why do I need to check my car? Well basically so that you know that it is actually your car. 375,000 cars are stolen each year. Many get sold on to unsuspecting buyers. If you are one of them you will have to give the car back to its rightful owner and the crook that sold it to you will be long gone with your cash.

1 in 12 cars checked by the trade last year showed mileage discrepancies. You could buy car that is worth a fraction of what you pay for it.

Over 450,000 cars are 'written-off' by insurers annually because of accident damage. Many are written off because the insurance company deem it incapable of safe repair. Make sure that you don't buy the one thats been sneaked back on the road again.

Also make sure that there is no outstanding finance on your car.

What do the categories mean when is a car written off?

Category A: Total burnout. No value left in the vehicle
Category B: Break only. Value lies in salvage
Category C: Damage to car is more than total value of car
Category D: Repair would cost almost as much as the vehicle is worth. Better to write off than repair. No comebacks for the insurers

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