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Parking can be more risky than you think if your vehicle is not completely legal. Parking tickets are only one of the many penalties in the arsenal of the local authorities.

Parking attendants now have the technology to check validity of insurance and MOT's as well as the obvious tax disc.

Cars can now be impounded costing 100s to be retrieved and if not can be crushed. This is besides the independent clamping agencies who have no scruples and are prepared to clamp ambulances, fire engines and hearses! With the latest boom in councils making money from the motorists nearly everywhere you park is now subject to parking regulations.

If you receive a PCN (Penalty Charge Notice) then you can appeal but you must do this within 14 days of receiving the PCN.
You need to contact the council and if you wish to preserve the right to a discounted payment you must do this in writing, obliviously taking into account postage times. You should state your case in as clear and simple terms as possible stating any witness statements (Do not send originals) and enclose photocopies of any receipts etc. that can help your cause.

The council will either accept or reject your claim. If the council rejects the claim and you have written your appeal and sent it within 14 days then you have the right to pay at the discount rate still at this stage. If you refuse to pay the council will send you a notice to the vehicle owner and the penalty will increase to the full undiscounted level. As the vehicle owner you are liable for any PCNS for that vehicle irrespective of who was driving at the time.

With this notice you will be provided with a form which you can use make formal representations to the council. You have 28 days to do this. Details of the grounds which formal representations are included in the notice although if you do not match the criteria you can still appeal. Re state your case as clearly as you can again sending any witness statements or receipts (Copies)

You will receive a letter from the council stating that you have either won the appeal to have your PCN waived or have failed and should then include a reason why this is the case. A rejection letter is called a Notice of Rejection or Representatives and will also contain a form called a Notice of Appeal which will allow you to appeal your case to the Independent Parking Adjudicator. For full and comprehensive advice on all parking related matters can be found at ukmotorists.com.

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