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Vehicle Recalls

MakeRecalls Model InformationConcernDefectRemedyDetails
DAF BUS (1998)SB 220BALL JOINT TO TRACK ROD CONNECTION MAY BECOME LOOSEThe double thread connection balljoint to the track rod can become loose caused by insufficient torquing in production.Recall affected vehicles and undo and retighten the clamp bolt with 170 Nm plus or minus 10 Nm torque. In cases where the threaded connection is loose already renew the track rod and reset the toe-in.
Launch Date: 05/07/1998
Recalls Number: R/1998/035
Vehicle Numbers: 141
Manufacturer Ref:
Model: SB
VIN Start: OH004072 to 6646
VIN End:
Build Start:
HARLEY DAVIDSON (2014)FLSFAILURE OF FRONT INDICATORS MAY NOT BE SIGNALLED TO THE RIDERThe failure of a front turn signal bulb may not be signalled to the rider. The concern is a result of incorrect programming of the Body Control Module.Recall the machines that are likely to be affected and re programme the Body Control Module.
Launch Date: 20/12/2014
Recalls Number: RM/2014/039
Vehicle Numbers: 150
Manufacturer Ref: 618
Model: FL
VIN Start: 5HD1JRVC6FB010058
VIN End: 5HD1JRVC7EB053872
Build Start: 01/01/2013
Build_End: 03/10/2014
VW (1996)Golf Passat and CorradoINSECURITY OF FAN BLADEThe pulley on the engine cooling fan may loosen causing the fan motor to seize leading to a possible electrical overload with fire risk.Recall the affected vehicles for the fitment of a modified cooling fan and pulley.
Launch Date: 02/12/1996
Recalls Number: R/1996/008
Vehicle Numbers: 2054
Manufacturer Ref:
Model: GOLF
VIN Start: 1HRW410004 to 1HSW410889
VIN End:
Build Start: 01/01/1994
Build_End: 31/12/1995
HONDA (2013)Jazz Accord Accord Wagon CR-V Stream and Civic CoupePASSENGER SIDE AIRBAG MAY FAIL TO DEPLOY CORRECTLYThe subject vehicles are equipped with front passenger airbag inflators which could have been assembled with improperly manufactured propellant wafers. Improperly manufactured propellant wafers could cause the inflator to rupture and the front passenger aRecall the vehicles that are likely to be affected to inspect and where necessary replace the airbag inflator module.
Launch Date: 17/04/2013
Recalls Number: R/2013/049
Vehicle Numbers: 60365
Manufacturer Ref: HUK5SK
Model: CIVIC
VIN Start: NLAES65903W210001
VIN End: NLAES65903W210055
Build Start: 25/03/2003
Build_End: 26/04/2003
HARLEY DAVIDSON (2015)Dyna Softail FXDF & FXDF 103POSSIBLE BRAKE FAILUREThe brake fluid in the front brake system could be contaminated. The contamination can cause the brake fluid to gel and / or corrosion to the master cylinder banjo bolt threads sufficiently severe to cause leakage or failure. If either of the conditions Recall the machines that are likely to be affected to replace the banjo bolt brake fluid and where necessary the master cylinder.
Launch Date: 21/01/2015
Recalls Number: RM/2015/004
Vehicle Numbers: 572
Manufacturer Ref: Recalls 0163 & 0164
Model: DYNA
VIN Start: 18656
VIN End: 320696
Build Start: 22/08/2011
Build_End: 24/02/2012
VOLVO CAR (2008)V70 & XC70SEAT BELT MAY NOT BEEN TORQUED CORRECTLYOne or more screws holding the outer rear seat belts may not have been torqued correctly. This could lead to the seat belt not being as affective as it could be in an accident.Recall the vehicles that are likely to be affected to re torque the mounting bolts.
Launch Date: 19/03/2008
Recalls Number: R/2008/054
Vehicle Numbers: 7
Manufacturer Ref:
Model: XC70
VIN Start: 24746
VIN End: 27290
Build Start:
SYM UK (2013)XS 125-KFUEL MAY LEAKIt is possible for a crack to form around the fuel outlet to tank joint. This could lead to a fuel leak and in the worst case fire.Recall the machines that are likely to be affected to replace the fuel tank and fuel tap.
Launch Date: 10/11/2013
Recalls Number: RM/2013/019
Vehicle Numbers: 1508
Manufacturer Ref:
Model: XS 125
VIN Start: LXMPCJLA080011088
Build Start:
YAMAHA (2014)XVS950CU MT-09ABS MAY FAILThe ABS hydraulic unit may have been assembled incorrectly. As a result the braking force when the ABS function is activated may be reduced or even lost. This issue does not affect braking under normal circumstances when the ABS function is not deployed.Recall the machines that are likely to be affected to replace the ABS Hydraulic Unit with a new remedial one.
Launch Date: 25/02/2014
Recalls Number: RM/2014/008
Vehicle Numbers: 141
Manufacturer Ref: MRM1404
Model: XVS950CU
VIN Start: VN036***0000301
VIN End: VN036***0001003
Build Start:
ALFA ROMEO (2013)8CPOTENTIAL FOR LOSS OF VEHICLE CONTROLThe tie rod for toe in adjustment could fail at the threads and cause loss of vehicle control. This is due to a nonconformity in production.Recall the vehicles that are likely to be affected to replace both rear tie bars.
Launch Date: 23/07/2013
Recalls Number: R/2013/079
Vehicle Numbers: 41
Manufacturer Ref: 205
Model: 8C
VIN Start: ZAR92000000032332
VIN End: ZAR82000000047227
Build Start: 18/12/2007
Build_End: 18/03/2009
BUELL (1998)All ModelsNO WARNING TO RIDER IN THE EVENT OF FAILURE OF THE FLASHING INDICATORSFailure of one or more of the turn signal lamps would not be indicated to the operator of the vehicle.Replacement of turn signal flasher
Launch Date: 20/06/98
Recalls Number: RM/98/006
Vehicle Numbers: 303
Manufacturer Ref:
Model: S3T
VIN Start:
VIN End:
Build Start:

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