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Vehicle Recalls

MakeRecalls Model InformationConcernDefectRemedyDetails
BMW MOTORCYCLES (2008)R1200GS & GS AdventureFLUID LEAK MAY RESULT IN BRAKE FAILUREIt has been identified that vibration can cause the flaring of the front brake pipe to crack resulting in a brake fluid leak. If allowed to continue un-rectified front brake failure may result.Recalled machines will have the subject brake pipe replaced.
Launch Date: 17/11/2008
Recalls Number: RM/2008/048
Vehicle Numbers: 782
Manufacturer Ref:
Model: R1200GS
VIN Start:
VIN End:
Build Start:
VW (2001)Golf EstateCHILD SEAT SECURITY CONCERNWelding faults on the seams of the ISOFIX mounting bars may occur. The safe support of ISOFIX child seats can therefore not be guaranteed in a crash.Recall vehicles in order to re-weld the ISOFIX mounting bars.
Launch Date: 22/01/2001
Recalls Number: R/2001/006
Vehicle Numbers: 173
Manufacturer Ref: 1J5
VIN Start: WVWzzz1JzIW065994 to WVWzzzIJz1W104156
VIN End:
Build Start: 05/01/2000
Build_End: 30/06/2000
HONDA (2015)Accord Accord Tourer Civic CR-V Insight Jazz & StreamPASSENGER SIDE AIRBAG MAY FAIL TO DEPLOY CORRECTLYAbnormal deployment pressure may lead to rupture of the inflator case. In the event of an inflator rupture metal fragments could be propelled upward toward the windshield or downward toward the front passengerís foot well potentially causing injury to On affected vehicles replace the inflator inside the front passengerís airbag module with a new one.
Launch Date: 29/06/2015
Recalls Number: R/2015/104
Vehicle Numbers: 242653
Manufacturer Ref:
Model: CIVIC
VIN Start: JHMES45304S200523
VIN End: JHMES95605S201573
Build Start: 25/12/2003
Build_End: 29/12/2008
KAWASAKI (2012)ZG1400 REAR BRAKE MAY FAILOn eligible units of 1400 GTR and 1400GTR ABS models small stones or other road debris can become trapped between the rear brake pedal and guard and prevent the pedal from fully releasing. This can cause over heating potentially leading to rear brake damaThe repair consists of replacing the rear master cylinder rod end and removing the guard.
Launch Date: 08/08/2012
Recalls Number: RM/2012/016
Vehicle Numbers: 1410
Manufacturer Ref: DAE20
Model: ZG1400
VIN Start: JKBZGT40CCA006032
VIN End: JKBZGT40CCA009994
Build Start:
MERCEDES BENZ (2010)Axor and AtegoFIRE MAY OCCUROn certain vehicles overheating may occur at the cab to heated windscreen wiring connector plug. If not addressed and under extreme circumstances a fire may occur.Recall affected vehicles and replace the electrical connector of the heated windscreen.
Launch Date: 02/09/2010
Recalls Number: R/2010/005
Vehicle Numbers: 4
Manufacturer Ref: C203
Model: ATEGO
VIN Start:
VIN End:
Build Start: 01/01/2002
Build_End: 31/12/2009
LAND ROVER (2004)Freelander 5 doorPOSSIBILITY OF THE LEFT HAND CHILD LOCK DISENGAGINGIt has been identified that if the left hand rear door is repeatedly operated with the child lock engaged disengagement of the lock can occur. This will allow the door to be opened from the inside when it is believed to be locked. This is due to the iRecall all the affected vehicles and replace the left hand rear door lock with a quality assured component.
Launch Date: 08/11/2004
Recalls Number: R/2004/076
Vehicle Numbers: 3090
Manufacturer Ref: A163
VIN Start: SALLNABE82A00225225
VIN End: SALLNABE82A00238171
Build Start: 15/07/2002
Build_End: 27/09/2002
CITROEN (2006)C3 PLURIELSPARE WHEEL TYRE PRESSURE INCORRECTLY STATED ON INFORMATION LABELOn subject vehicles the indication of 2.5 bar pressure for the spare wheel which can be found on a label affixed to the left hand door pillar is incorrect for the vehicle specification. Recalled vehicles will have a replacement label affixed to the vehicle which will indicate the correct spare tyre pressure i.e. 4.2 bar. It should be noted that at manufacture the tyre was inflated to the correct pressure however as a precaution the pr
Launch Date: 02/08/2006
Recalls Number: R/2006/018
Vehicle Numbers: 6324
Manufacturer Ref: XXD
VIN Start: VF7******28000180
VIN End: VF7*****280066166
Build Start: 07/01/2002
Build_End: 30/04/2003
SUZUKI (2015)IgnisFIRE MAY OCCURGrease applied to the contact points inside the ignition switch may carbonize by heat which is generated from an arcing when the moving side leaves the fixed contact point. The carbonized grease can cause the switch to smoke and in the worst case a fire mRecall the vehicles that are likely to be affected and fit a new ignition switch.
Launch Date: 19/06/2015
Recalls Number: R/2015/094
Vehicle Numbers: 15117
Manufacturer Ref: R15/08
Model: IGNIS
VIN Start: JSAFHX51S00100034
VIN End: JSAFHX51S00159429
Build Start: 06/01/2000
Build_End: 08/01/2004
HYUNDAI (2013)Veloster FS sport with Panoramic SunroofSUNROOF GLASS MAY SHATTERThe sunroof may shatter due to an error in installation.Recall the vehicles that are likely to be affected to check the installation and toughness of the glass. Where necessary the sunroof will be replaced.
Launch Date: 16/04/2013
Recalls Number: R/2013/022
Vehicle Numbers: 1268
Manufacturer Ref: 20C125
VIN Start: KMHTC61DLCU077598
VIN End: KMHTC61DVCU040488
Build Start: 11/01/2011
Build_End: 17/04/2012
TOYOTA (2012)Prius Corolla and AvensisLOSS OF STEERINGIt is possible that the splines of the extension shaft on vehicles equipped with Electric Motor assisted Power Steering (EMPS) may not have received the correct hardness treatment. This can cause the spline to distort and wear and eventually result in losRecall affected vehicles check and if necessary replace the shaft.
Launch Date: 12/03/2012
Recalls Number: R/2012/145
Vehicle Numbers: 62010
Manufacturer Ref:
VIN Start: JTDEM22E##0001001
VIN End: JTDEM22E##0009443
Build Start: 07/06/2001
Build_End: 31/03/2004

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