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Vehicle Recalls

MakeRecalls Model InformationConcernDefectRemedyDetails
ALLIANCE TIRE CO LTD (2015)Alliance MPT 396 - 445/65 R22.5 445/70 R24 495/70 R24 * 600/50 R22.5POSSIBLE RAPID DEFLATIONAs a result of reports of rapid tyre deflation received from in use vehicles caused by various possible manufacturing deficiencies which could have been aggravated by servicing omissions the manufacturer has decided to perform a precautionary recall of Recall the vehicles fitted with the possibly affected tyres and fit new tyres to any axle with the tyres affected by the recall.
Launch Date: 20/02/2015
Recalls Number: RTW/2015/001
Vehicle Numbers: 17
Manufacturer Ref:
Model: 445/65R22.5
VIN Start: WEEK 17/13
VIN End: WEEK 47/14
Build Start:
LOTUS (2006)ELISE AND EXIGEGEAR LEVER MAY BREAKIt has been found that there is a small risk that the gear lever may break if subjected to high handling force.Recall the likely to be affected vehicles and where necessary replace the gear lever and associated parts.
Launch Date: 02/08/2006
Recalls Number: R/2005/186
Vehicle Numbers: 764
Manufacturer Ref: 2006/01R
Model: EXIGE
VIN Start:
VIN End:
Build Start: 21/01/2004
Build_End: 02/08/2005
MERCEDES BENZ (2012)Vito and VianoA PILLAR CHECK STRAP MAY DETACHIn a situation where the window airbag is deployed the trim that covers the airbag may not stay in a safe position and as such could present an additional risk of injury to the occupant.Recall the vehicles that are likely to be affected to replace the A-pillar trim.
Launch Date: 29/02/2012
Recalls Number: R/2012/007
Vehicle Numbers: 16
Manufacturer Ref: P184
Model: VIANO
VIN Start: WDF63981323651940
VIN End: WDF63981523652971
Build Start:
CITROEN (2011)DS3 C3 (A51) & C3 PicassoENGINE MAY CUT OUTThe battery earth return cable maybe too short which during vehicle operation may cause it to fail at its gearbox mounting point. This could result in the engine cutting out.Recall all affected vehicle and replace the battery earth return cable.
Launch Date: 09/02/2011
Recalls Number: R/2011/120
Vehicle Numbers: 9175
Manufacturer Ref: MLY
Model: C3
VIN Start: VF7******AA679722
VIN End: VF7******BW563946
Build Start: 01/07/2011
Build_End: 23/05/2011
AUDI (2015)A4 A5 A6 A7 A8 Q5 &Q7 with 3.0 ltr TFSI petrol engineFUEL MAY LEAKFuel may leak from the injector rails. Drivers may notice a smell of fuel and or evidence of a leakOn affected vehicles replace injector rails and seals.
Launch Date: 20/04/2015
Recalls Number: R/2015/031
Vehicle Numbers: 1114
Manufacturer Ref: 24AP
Model: A7
VIN Start: WAUZZZ4G0BN030935
Build Start: 04/01/2011
Build_End: 30/04/2012
CHRYSLER UK LTD (2015)Chrysler 300 Dodge Charger and Dodge Magnum (LX) Jeep Grand Cherokee (WK) Jeep Commander (XK)POSSIBLE LOSS OF VEHICLE SAFETY FEATURESThe Wireless Ignition Node (WIN) module may stick between the “START” and “RUN” position. This could cause an unintended change in ignition position to the “OFF” or “ACCESSORY” position due to spring back. This may cause may result in the loss of certaReplace the WIN module and Frequency Operated Button Ignition Key (FOBIK’s).
Launch Date: 12/04/2015
Recalls Number: R/2015/200
Vehicle Numbers: 2481
Manufacturer Ref: P57
Model: 300
VIN Start: 100002
VIN End: 318536
Build Start: 01/10/2007
Build_End: 05/12/2008
TRIUMPH (1999)Daytona 955i Speed Triple Sprint ST Tiger Legend Thunderbird Sport Trophy 900 and Trophy 1200POSSIBLE OIL CONTAMINATION OF REAR TYREIn some extreme cases oil can weep from between the engine crankcase halves due to slackening of the securing bolts. This seepage occurs forward of the rear tyre and may in extreme cases cause vehicle instability.Recall affected machines and replace the original lower crankcase bolts with quality assured bolts.
Launch Date: 04/01/1999
Recalls Number: RM/99/008
Vehicle Numbers: 1683
Manufacturer Ref:
VIN Start:
VIN End:
Build Start:
TOYOTA (2014)LS460 LS600h GS300 GS350 GS460 GS450h IS250 IS350 IS350C IS-FRISK OF FIREThe fuel pressure sensor gasket may degrade and allow fuel to leak into the engine compartment. In the presence of an ignition source the risk of fire is increased.Recall the vehicles that are likely to be affected to repair the fuel pipe and replace the fuel pressure sensor gasket.
Launch Date: 24/11/2014
Recalls Number: R/2014/135
Vehicle Numbers: 9637
Manufacturer Ref:
Model: LEXUS IS250
VIN Start: JTHBK*****5052957
VIN End: JTHBK*****5127411
Build Start: 31/08/2007
Build_End: 21/06/2010
TOYOTA (2013)ProAceFRONT WIPER MAY FAILDue to a welding fault in the wiper motor assembly it is possible that the wiper may malfunction. In the extreme cases the wipers may fail totally.Recall all affected vehicles and replace the wiper motor assembly.
Launch Date: 20/12/2013
Recalls Number: R/2013/152
Vehicle Numbers: 22
Manufacturer Ref:
VIN Start: YARXVAHZ##Z037020
VIN End: YARXVAHZ##Z045425
Build Start: 07/03/2013
Build_End: 26/09/2013
VOLVO CAR (2016)S60 S50CC V70 xC70 XC60 V60 V60 CCSTALLING AND LOSS OF STEERING POWER ASSISTANCEInvolved vehicles may have a software issue which could cause the engine to momentarily cut-out and restart while driving. This could also cause disturbances in some electrical systems such as shut down of the instrument cluster infotainment system and Recall the vehicles that are likely to be affected and upgrade the software of the control units.
Launch Date: 19/02/2016
Recalls Number: R/2016/027
Vehicle Numbers: 7237
Manufacturer Ref: R29700
Model: V60CC
VIN Start: YV1FZA5C6G1003024
VIN End: YV1FZA5C6G1017727
Build Start: 19/03/2015
Build_End: 18/02/2016

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