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Vehicle Recalls

MakeRecalls Model InformationConcernDefectRemedyDetails
CITROEN (2014)Berlingo DS3 C3 C3 Picasso C4 and C4 PicassoFUEL MAY LEAK AND CREATE FIRE RISKIt has been established that the high pressure fuel rail pipes on the engine have not been torqued to the correct specification. This can result in poor sealing of the rail which can cause as fuel leak onto the engine. If the vaporised fuel comes into coRecall all the affected vehicles and retorque the high pressure fuel rail pipes.
Launch Date: 26/02/2014
Recalls Number: R/2014/025
Vehicle Numbers: 279
Manufacturer Ref: NAZ
Model: C4
VIN Start: VF7******EJ527141
VIN End: VF7******EY504899
Build Start: 01/07/2014
Build_End: 15/01/2014
VOLVO CAR (2002)Isofix Child Seat (0 - 10 Kgs)CRACKS MAY DEVELOP AT THE CARRYING HANDLE PIVOT POINT.Cracks may occur at the carrying handle pivot point of the ISOFIX 3 - 10 kg child seat. This could cause the handle to become detached from the seat. Recall the affected seats give a refund or replace with a new seat. (If the customer wishes to continue to use the child seat until the child has outgrown the sea the handle will be removed).
Launch Date: 12/03/2002
Recalls Number: RCOMP/2002/005
Vehicle Numbers: 243
Manufacturer Ref: R82096
VIN Start:
VIN End:
Build Start: 13/11/2000
Build_End: 22/03/2002
TOYOTA (2012)Auris Avensis and RAV4REAR SUSPENSION ARM MAY SEPARATEIf the rear suspension arm is adjusted as part of a wheel alignment or other repairs whilst in service it is possible that backlash can occur. This can allow corrosion to develop and cause the threads to deteriorate. Ultimately this could result in failuRecall all affected vehicles to check the torque on the arm. Where necessary the arm will be replaced.
Launch Date: 09/12/2012
Recalls Number: R/2012/085
Vehicle Numbers: 65863
Manufacturer Ref:
VIN Start: SB1#K7#L##E001001
VIN End: SB1#K7#L##E021994
Build Start: 22/10/2008
Build_End: 18/01/2011
BMW (1992)3 Series (E36) wuthb M50 enginesPOSSIBLE CHAFING OF THE BATTERY CABLEChafing may occur where two cables pass through a grommet in the front bulkhead. This could result in a short circuit and fire risk.Recall affected vehicles. De-energise the 6 sq.mm. battery positive cable which backs up the engine management system by cutting it at both ends and taping it to the cable. An alternative arrangement is being made to back up the engine management system.
Launch Date: 28/02/92
Recalls Number: R/1992/013
Vehicle Numbers: 8700
Manufacturer Ref:
VIN Start: 325 i: FA70000 to FA72784 FF00000 to FF02232
VIN End:
Build Start: 01/01/1991
Build_End: 28/02/1992
MERCEDES BENZ (2015)Actros Antos 963 & Arocs 964POSSIBILITY OF LOSS OF CONTROLThe control unit for the steered trailing axle may crack due to a warped fixing bracket and allow the ingress of moisture.This may cause a short circuit. Normally a yellow fault message will appear and the system will immediately default to safe passivOn affected vehicles replace the control unit bracket Check and if necessary replace the control unit.
Launch Date: 22/04/2015
Recalls Number: R/2015/063
Vehicle Numbers: 22
Manufacturer Ref: SRL 1502
VIN Start: WDB9630202L704371
VIN End: WDB9630212L832685
Build Start: 17/07/2012
Build_End: 26/06/2014
HONDA MOTORCYCLES (2001)GL1800A-1ENGINE STOP SWITCH MALFUNCTIONThe engine stop switch contact springs do not meet specification. Under certain riding conditions such as rough or bumpy roads the engine may misfire or stop.Recall affected motorcycles and fit a quality assured engine stop switch.
Launch Date: 05/08/2001
Recalls Number: RM/2001/009
Vehicle Numbers: 70
Manufacturer Ref:
Model: GL1800A-1
VIN Start: 1HFSC47A*1000630 to 1HFSC47A*1000699
VIN End:
Build Start: 01/01/2001
Build_End: 31/01/2001
CADILLAC (2004)TRAILBLAZER TRAILBLAZER EXT ENVOY ENVOY XL AND BRAVADAWATER MAY SEEP INTO THE WINDSHIELD WIPER MODULEWater may seep into the windscreen wiper module which may render the wipers inoperative.Recall likely to be affected vehicles and check whether the wiper module is of an at risk type. Should an at risk module be identified it will be removed from the vehicle and inspected for evidence of moisture ingress. Should any sign of moisture ingress
Launch Date: 11/09/2004
Recalls Number: R/2004/155
Vehicle Numbers: 3300
Manufacturer Ref: 4006
VIN Start:
VIN End:
Build Start: 09/01/2002
Build_End: 09/01/2003
TOYOTA (2015)Yaris RAV4 and HiluxDRIVER SIDE AIRBAG MAY RUPTURESubject vehicles are fitted with driver's air bag assemblies with single stage inflators. There is an increases potential for moisture ingress which could make the inflator more susceptible to rupture during deployment. Fragments may injure occupants. Recall the vehicles that are likely to be affected to replace the airbag.
Launch Date: 22/06/2015
Recalls Number: R/2015/095
Vehicle Numbers: 21481
Manufacturer Ref:
Model: YARIS
VIN Start: VNKKG923#0A001020
VIN End: VNKKG923#0A002032
Build Start: 07/02/2003
Build_End: 30/12/2005
DUCATI (2012)Monster 796 Monster 1100 EVO (ABS) Hypermotard 796 Streetfighter 848 848 EVO Multistrada 1200 & 1199 PanigaleLOSS OF REAR BRAKING EFFICIENCYThere is a potential for the friction material on the rear brake pads to come away from the brake pad due to a fault in the adhesion. There is a possibility if ignored the brake pads will deteriorate leading to a loss of rear brake efficiency.Affected brake pads will be replaced.
Launch Date: 25/04/2012
Recalls Number: RM/2012/008
Vehicle Numbers: 52
Manufacturer Ref: 851
VIN Start: ZDMF102AACB009883
VIN End: ZDMF104JACB010427
Build Start:
SCANIA BUS (2006)K AND N SERIESSTEERING COLUMN MAY BECOME LOOSEThe bolt securing the steering shaft to the upper steering column may become looseRecall affected vehicles and check that the securing bolt is firmly located and correctly torqued. If found loose fit new bolt and tighten to the correct torque.
Launch Date: 23/11/2006
Recalls Number: R/2006/208
Vehicle Numbers: 96
Manufacturer Ref: RC061304
Model: K
VIN Start:
VIN End:
Build Start:

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