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Vehicle Recalls

MakeRecalls Model InformationConcernDefectRemedyDetails
VOLVO BUS (2003)B12B & B12MREPROGRAMMING OF ENGINE ECUFaulty software in the engine ECU will result in the engine exhaust emissions failing to comply with the regulations.Re program the engine ECU.
Launch Date: 08/01/2003
Recalls Number: R/2003/177
Vehicle Numbers: 154
Manufacturer Ref: C4888
Model: B12M
VIN Start:
VIN End:
Build Start:
VOLVO TRUCK (2005)FH and FMRISK OF FIREThere is a possibility of a thermal malfunction on the fuel filter water separator bowl with the heater. This can result in overheating due to low fuel level in combination with a faulty thermostat in the water separator bowlRecall affected vehicles fit heat shield and check/reconnect cable in the electrical connector on the fuel filter/water separator housing
Launch Date: 10/06/2005
Recalls Number: R/2005/161
Vehicle Numbers: 59
Manufacturer Ref: C0592
Model: FM
VIN Start:
VIN End:
Build Start:
CITROEN (2010)C4 C4 Picasso C5 & Dispatch IIBRAKING ASSISTANCE MAY NOT PERFORM CORRECTLYIn very rare circumstances the vacuum pump one way valve may not function correctly which could affect the level of braking assistance.Recall the vehicles that are likely to be affected to replace the brake vacuum pump one way valve.
Launch Date: 17/12/2010
Recalls Number: R/2010/223
Vehicle Numbers: 20089
Manufacturer Ref: MGG
VIN Start: VF7******13319991
VIN End: VF7******9Z012710
Build Start: 21/12/2006
Build_End: 27/03/2009
AUTO-SLEEPERS LTD (2005)INCA EK INCA EL POLLENSA RAVENNA PALERMO VIVANTI AND RIENZIMAINS WIRING SYSTEM INSULTATION PROBLEMWithin the mains input socket the wiring insulation may have been cut back too far leaving bare wire exposed. Recalled vehicles will have the mains input socket box removed during which time the wiring connections will be remade ensuring that no bare wire is visible.
Launch Date: 17/03/2005
Recalls Number: R/2005/080
Vehicle Numbers: 63
Manufacturer Ref:
VIN Start:
VIN End:
Build Start:
PEUGEOT (2011)308 3008 5008 807 RCZ & Expert IIIFUEL MAY LEAKOn some 2.0 l HDI vehicles potential contact between the fuel return pipe and the diesel filter support may eventually cause the pipe to become worn through friction.The manufacturer has requested that some protection be added to the pipe to ensure its long-term resistance to wear.
Launch Date: 22/02/2011
Recalls Number: R/2011/017
Vehicle Numbers: 2834
Manufacturer Ref: YYW
Model: 3008
VIN Start: VF3******9P000046
VIN End: VF3******AZ041774
Build Start: 27/10/2009
Build_End: 20/07/2010
CITROEN (2012)C3 DS3 & C3 PicassoENGINE MAY CUT OUTThe engine may cut out as a dimensional nonconformity of the earth cable could lead to it breaking.Recall the vehicles that are likely to be affected to replace the battery earth cable.
Launch Date: 05/01/2012
Recalls Number: R/2012/062
Vehicle Numbers: 981
Manufacturer Ref: MPG
Model: C3
VIN Start: VF7******AT570640
VIN End: VF7******BW551252
Build Start: 11/08/2010
Build_End: 29/04/2011
CITROEN (2008)C4 Picasso C2 C3 C3 Pluriel C4 C5 C6 and BerlingoWIPERS / LIGHTS/ BATTERY CHARGING MAY BE AFFECTED.An incorrect engine relay unit may have been fitted. This ECU could deteriorate and cause operating faults and perhaps failure of certain equipmentRecall affected vehicles check Engine Relay Unit and replace if not correct specification.
Launch Date: 24/12/2008
Recalls Number: R/2008/199
Vehicle Numbers: 6031
Manufacturer Ref: MAQ
VIN Start: VF7******67002101
VIN End: VF7******45299702
Build Start: 02/01/2008
Build_End: 14/06/2008
AUDI (2015)A4 A5 A6 A7 A8 Q5 &Q7 with 3.0 ltr TFSI petrol engineFUEL MAY LEAKFuel may leak from the injector rails. Drivers may notice a smell of fuel and or evidence of a leakOn affected vehicles replace injector rails and seals.
Launch Date: 20/04/2015
Recalls Number: R/2015/031
Vehicle Numbers: 1114
Manufacturer Ref: 24AP
Model: A6
VIN Start: WAUZZZ4G0BN030935
Build Start: 04/01/2011
Build_End: 30/04/2012
PORSCHE (2005)911 (993) CARRERA CABRIOLET AND 911 CARRERA 4 CABRIOLETTHE LOCKING MECHANISM FOR CONVERTIBLE TOP MAY FAILThere is a possibility that when the convertible top is closed the convertible top is not completely locked even though the warning lamp is extinguished. This could lead to the roof opening whilst the vehicle is in motion. Recall the vehicles that are likely to be affected and fit modified locking-mechanism motors. In addittion check that the correct locating pegs are installed and that the convertible top is set correctly.
Launch Date: 29/03/2005
Recalls Number: R/2005/009
Vehicle Numbers: 806
Manufacturer Ref: A502
Model: 911 CARRERA
VIN Start:
VIN End:
Build Start: 02/01/1994
Build_End: 02/01/1998
GREAT WALL (2014)SteedELECTRICAL LOOM MAY OVERHEATIt is possible that the wiring harness that is routed under the radiator may not have been fitted correctly. This could result in chaffing or failure of the harness which will either cause electrical failure in systems and overheating.Recall all affected vehicles to check harness secure and replace if necessary.
Launch Date: 01/10/2014
Recalls Number: R/2013/125
Vehicle Numbers: 1403
Manufacturer Ref:
Model: STEED
VIN Start: LGWDBE177CB671816
VIN End: LGWDBE17XBC653450
Build Start:

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