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Car Security

The car today is one of the most prized possessions that a person owns unfortunately no matter how humble they are they are usually prized by someone else so keeping them safe is a major priority, there is a list of do,s and donít,s which car owners should practice religiously that will help to safeguard their cars click here.

You can check the latest security rating for most models of UK cars to see if they are low medium or high risk click here

Most recent cars usually come well equipped with the latest security devices it is usually the older models that are not so well equipped that are easier to steal. The drop in thefts of newer cars in recent years is put down to the standard fitting of alarms and immobilisers. Alarms are an effective deterrent to both car theft and theft from your vehicle, and immobilisers are highly effective as they prevent the engine from actually starting.

Together they are enough to put most car thieves off, and you can even fit combined alarm and engine immobilising systems to older models

Nowadays though even with combined security systems some insurance companies are insisting in the installation of satellite tracking systems for top of the range luxury cars these can be installed anywhere in the car and are proving very effective in the recovery of stolen cars

If your car has been stolen report it to any police station and tell them your car has been taken without your consent. A crime sheet will be completed. You will be asked to supply your details and those of the car and any valuables that may have been in it, any further information that may help in tracing the car is taken, the car is then listed on the National Police Computer as stolen. You should then inform your insurers as soon as possible.

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