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Check Tyre Pressures

This section provides an understanding of the many factors essential to proper tyre care and service of vehicles.

Tyre Service Assistance

When you have a question about tyres , or a problem, consult your tyre dealer. The dealer is the best source of general information and professional service on tyres .

Your dealer has service manuals, wall charts and other industry publications on tyre load and inflation, tyre repair and tyre replacement. Your dealer can provide you with the replacement tyres your vehicle needs, balance your tyres and repair damaged tyres which are repairable. Let the dealer inspect your tyres periodically, and diagnose any problem you may have.

Loss of tyre Pressure

When you discover a tyre losing air, it must be removed from the wheel by a qualified service person for complete internal inspection to be sure it is not damaged. tyres run even short distances while severely underinflated may be damaged beyond repair.

Punctures up to 1/4 inch, when confined to the tread, may be repaired by trained personnel. These tyres must be removed from the wheel, inspected and repaired using industry-approved methods which call for an inside repair unit (patch and a plug).

Plugs vs. Patches

A PLUG BY ITSELF IS AN UNACCEPTABLE REPAIR. The repair material used-for example, a "combination patch and plug" repair -must seal the inner liner and fill the injury to be considered a permanent repair. Never use a tube in a tubeless tyre as a substitute for a proper repair.

Individual tyre manufacturers may differ on whether the speed category applies to speed-rated tyres that have been repaired. Consult the tyre manufacturer for recommendations.

Serviceable tyre Injuries

Injuries larger than 1/4 inch must be referred to a full-service repair facility. No repairs to the sidewall of a tyre should be made without consulting the tyre manufacturer. Improper repairs can cause sudden tyre failure.

Air loss due to punctures can ruin tyres that might have been saved had they been removed in time for proper repair. Gradual air loss raises a tyre 's operating temperature. This can cause some of the components to separate, or damage the tyre body in ways that create rapid or sudden air loss.

Such internal damage may not always be readily apparent and rapid loss of air may still occur despite later installation of a proper repair.

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