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This section provides an understanding of the many factors essential to proper tyre care and service of vehicles.

Auto and Light Truck tyre Care and Safety Storage Guide

This booklet provides an understanding of the many factors essential to proper care and service of automobile and light truck tyres . However, the RMA makes no pretense that this booklet is all inclusive. Questions pertaining to specific product should be addressed to the tyre dealer or tyre manufacturer.


Tires should be stored in a dry, cool place, away from sunlight and sources of ozone, such as electric motors.

If you must store tyres flat, (one on top of the other), make sure you don't stack too many on top of each other. Too much weight can damage the bottom tyre .

Also be sure to allow air to circulate around all sides of the tyres , including underneath, to prevent moisture damage.

If storing tyres outdoors, protect them with an opaque waterproof covering and elevate them from the ground. Do not store tyres on or over black asphalt or other heat-absorbent or reflective surfaces, such as snow-covered ground or sand.

For more information on tyre care and safety, contact:
The Rubber Manufacturers Association
1400 K Street, NW
Washington, DC 20005
(202) 682-4800

Or visit us on the web at www.rma.org.

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