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Locating VIN Numbers

Here is a quick guide on how to locate VIN numbers - Check against the LOG book before buying

Stamped Chassis / VIN Position
Alfa Romeo
Alfa Sud 1.3, 1.5. 1.5 Sprint Front of forward bulkhead just to offside of centre
Arna, GTV6 2L and 2.5L, Giulietta 1.6, 1.8. Alfa 6, Alfetta 2000 and GTVSE Offside bulkhead
33 Middle bulkhead
75, 90 Offside boot floor pan, close to boot edge
Aston Martin
All models Offside chassis under wheel arch
All models Centre bulkhead
Mini, Metro, Drain channel engine compartment
Maestro, Beside offside suspension top
Centre engine comp drain channel
Tailgate drain channel
Montego, Next to suspension top
Ital, Offside inner wing
Ambassador, Offside bulkhead stamped through a piece of plastic tape
Series 3 and 333, Engine bay bulkhead 
Series 5, Front offside inner wing 
Series 7 and 635 Offside or centre bulkhead
All models Nearside chassis leg 
Caterham / Lotus
- Offside space frame engine support strut by clutch cable
Z CV  Stamped on floor drivers side
Visa VA, VB, AX, EX,  Offside inner wing or gutter
CX Series, GS Series Engine Comp offside wheel arch - bonnet/water drain channel
All Models Offside suspension leg
Dominol, Charade Charmant Centre or offside bulkhead
Four Track Nearside chassis behind front tyre
All Models Bonnet catch channel
All Models Bulkhead or nearside inner wing
328 Mondial, Testarossa, 412 On lug on top of steering columnOn lug offside engine bay strut
512 BB (V12) Engine comp above silencerTop of steering column, seen through windscreen 
400GT and Auto Front of engine. Also stamped into top of steering column, can be seen through windscreen
126 Front offside of luggage compartment
Regata, Argenta, Chroma, Panda, Uno, Strada Offside suspension top
127, 131 Mirafiori Offside inner wing
X19 Offside bulkhead
Ford Transit
- Bonnet locking platform offside corner strut or offside doorstep riser
All Models On floor by drivers seats
Polenez 1300, 1500 Estate and Pick Up Offside bulkhead
Polenez 1.5 Hatchback Rear of front offside inner wing
Civic, Accord, Integra, Prelude, Quintett Bulkhead offside centre
Ballade, Legend 2.7l Bulkhead centre
Pony, Stellar Bulkhead offside
Piazza Offside bulkhead
Trooper Offside rear chassis lug
Jaguar / Daimier
XJ6 Series 111 Bulkhead centre Top of offside inner wing
XJ6 (New Model) Offside front wheel arch
XJS Bulkhead centre
Intercepter Cross member front of vehicle 
Riva Nearside bulkhead 
Niva Offside bulkhead behind the wiper motor
Jalpa Top of rear offside suspension turret 
Countach, Sillouette, Urraco, Bar in engine compartment. which runs parallel to screen
Y10 Offside engine comp bulkhead
HPE Estate Back of forward bulkhead offside
Prisma, Delta On top of offside MacPherson strut
Gamma, Thema Offside inner wing
Land Rover
All Models Front offside chassis member viewed through front wheel arch
Eclat Offside chassis member in engine comp 
Esprit Engine comp (rear). centre rear chassis member. Under 6" rubber grommet
All Models Both front inner wings
323, 626, 929, RX7, Bulkhead offside
B2000 Front offside chassis leg
Mercedes Benz
All Models On bonnet catch panel towards offside. centre of bulkhead or on angle of bulkhead offside
Metro Drain channel at rear of engine comp
Maestro Beside offside suspension topCentre of engine comp drain channelTailgate drain channel 
Montego Next to suspension top
Starion, Spacewagon, Lancer (1976 - 1983) Tredia, Cordia,Sapporo, Sigma Centre of bulkhead
Lancer (May 1984 - ), Gallant Bulkhead inside engine compartment
Shogun Chassis leg near rear offside shock absorber
All Models Cross member under orjust to the rear of drivers seat
All Models Bulkhead centre or offside
All Models Under carpet flap between drivers door and sill
Kalista Front offside chassis side by reinforcement plate
205, 405, Bulkhead offside
305, 309, 506, 604, 505 Offside inner wing
924,  Earlier models, top of front offside suspension housing. Later models: inner bulkhead on offside
928,  Front offside inner wing guttering
944,  Offside of bulkhead
911 Front boot compartment on floor behind spare wheel
SS1 On chassis covered by tape just below alternator
5, 9, 11, 21, 25, GTA Offside suspension top in the form of a series of dots
18 GTS, TS, GTL, 20GTD Offside innel wing suspension housing 
Espace No stamped in number
Rolls Royce
All Models Front offside inner wing
200 Early: right side of boot front drain channelLater: top of rear engine bulkhead
2000, 2300, 2600, 3500, Offside top of bulkhead may be stamped through dynotape
800 Top centre of rear engine bulkhead
90 Offside of rear cross beam
900 Offside of rear cross beam (older models: under rear nearside seat) 
9000 On vertical plate edge inside the right rear light
Ibiza - Malaga Offside strut turret 
Marbella - Terra Van Offside suspension top of turret
All Models Bulkhead in luggage compartment adjacent to chassis plate
All Models Offside of bulkhead
Swift Centre of bulkhead 
L180 Qf Front of offside longitudinal chassis member forward of the front offside wheel
ST80V (Van), ST080K (Pick-up) In cab on offside wheelarch under the drivers seat
Alpine, Samba, Horizon Offside inner wing near bulkhead or over wheelarch
Starlet, Corrola, MR2, Camry, Tercel, Carina, Celica, Supra,  On bulkhead
Spacecruiser, Hilux Pick Up Landcruiser Offside chassis in front wheelarch
Acclaim Througl? plastic tape covering on.centretop-ofbulkhead
Tasmin Offside radiator support strut
Tairman Offside of engine compartment to front
280, 350i S (formerly Tasmin) On metal plate to top of tubular chassis (below alternator)
All Models Under carpet flap between drivers door and sill
Polo, Passat, Santana  Centre of bulkhead 
Golf MK 1 Top of offside suspension housing 
Golf 2, Jetta2, Scirocco Bulkhead offside 
Jetta 1 Top of offside suspension housing
340, 360, 480ES, Bulkhead
244, 240, 264, 265 Offside drivers door pillar (Estate: offside panel on inside of storage compartment)
740,760 Offside drivers door pillar B post
511, 311, 45A, 55A Offside suspension strut 
Caribean 1100, 1300 Centre offside inner wing

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