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Car Maintenance, Specifications and DIY

Check Car Specifications

Simply choose a make of car and to proceed to vehicle information data

Check car running Costs
Check Tyres

Check Tyres

A vital part of safe driving is a legal set of tyres. If you have your car regularly serviced, the garage should tell you when it's time to change your tyres. For your own peace of mind, our 'Check Tyres' section gives you the correct tyre pressures for each make of car.
Check Registration

Check Registration

All you need to know about car number plates, giving the years of registration and the letters that show where it was first registered. The new registration is designed to last until 2050, with changes every March and September. The second two characters are numbers that indicate the age of the car.
Check Registration

Check Battery

Batteries are probably the biggest single cause for non starting, especially in colder weather. In this section there are tips to get you going if your battery is flat how to jump start or push start your car
Check Registration

Check Engine

Most engine repair jobs are better off performed by a qualified mechanic but with a few tips you can carry out minor repairs and serivicing yourself or just make sure that you're not being ripped off by a dodgy garage.
Check Registration

Check Brakes

Checking brakes is usually a job for experienced mechanics it is advisable to have them checked Each time you have your car serviced. Tell tale signs if its excessive brake effort or excessive brake travel our troubleshooters will give you some possible causes and solutions.
Advice for Buying a CarBuying a new/used car? Know what to look out for?
If not use our guide and see what the common faults are

Check History

In this section most aspects of buying a car are covered besides advice on checking a cars history. The section covers insurance write off categories. Types of insurance comprehensive or third party. What to do if your car is stolen. Car Cloning. Car emission ratings. Different purchasing options and a much more advice if you are thinking of buying a car

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