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Check Tyres

A vital part of safe driving is a legal set of tyres. If you have your car regularly serviced, the garage should tell you when it's time to change your tyres. For your own peace of mind, our 'Check Tyres' section gives you the correct tyre pressures for each make of car.
Check Tyres

Check Registration

All you need to know about car number plates, giving the years of registration and the letters that show where it was first registered. The new registration is designed to last until 2050, with changes every March and September. The second two characters are numbers that indicate the age of the car.
Check Registration

Check MOT

Find your nearest UK MOT Test Centre - just enter the town or post code. Find out what a MOT check looks for when completing an MOT Test And reduce the chances of automatically failing with our Pre-MOT check Guidelines or even read our Frequently Asked MOT Questions. If your question can't be answered ask our MOT expert questions regarding specific MOT matters.

Second Hand Car Buying Advice

Advice for Buying a Car
Buying a new/used car? Know what to look out for?
If not use our guide and see what the common faults are

Engine Bay checks

Check Engine
Understanding those things under the bonnet! Checking the engine oil level and other top ups that may be required. Identifying problems early, if your car develops any unusual knocking or rattling noises.

Check Brake Fluid
Find out how Brake Fluid works and how they are rated.

Check Battery
The biggest single cause for the dreaded non starting engine! Especially in colder weather! Keep an eye on yours, with our helpful tips.

Check Coolant
The most commonly overlooked job in car maintainance is failing to top up the coolant and add antifreeze. Don't wait until the weather has turned really cold, before preparing properly for the winter freeze. Find out how to flush your system and add antifreeze.

Check Oil
The purpose engine oil serves in the smooth running or your vehicle: lubricating, sealing, cooling and cleaning. See what type of oil you should use for your car.

External Checks

Check Bodywork
There's nothing more ageing on a car than signs of rust or paintwork that's become dull and scratched. Our tips will help preserve your car's bodywork and keep it looking good for longer. Also, we highlight the vulnerable areas, were damage can occur and may have been retouched.

Check Suspension
How to do an easy suspension check or further examination.

Check Brakes
Good brakes are vital - any loss in effectiveness or response time should be investigated immediately. Getting them checked at each service will help minimise any risk of faults developing. This useful section discusses some of the symptoms of brake problems and specifications.

Check Emissions
Reduce your emissions and do your bit for the environment. This section has hints for keeping your CO2 emissions and fuel consumption down. Check your car's rating here.

Check Safety
Lots of good advice about safe stopping distances for day and night driving. Mobile phone hazards and results from car tests - has your car been tested? How safe would it be if you had a crash.
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